Point of Deception

You saw me at my lowest point

I was fragile, cold, and walled up

But you, you insisted and offered something extra ordinary

You melted my cold high walls with your kindness.
Each day my agony became light as feathers 

You replaced my lonely nights with the warmth of your embrace

And my mornings with hugs and smiles 

You let me in into your mysterious world.
I didn’t mind who you really are

I didn’t even know your real name

For me you are my secret garden

My peaceful sanctuary in this chaotic world

But then, I was just blinded by illusion.
When the clouds opened my eyes it started to clear my visions of you.

So many questions began screaming inside my head

Out of eagerness to answer these questions

I asked who you really are and what you are afraid of.
In a little span of time I saw a drastic change in you

Your kindness became arrogance

The warmth of your embrace turned into a cold blanket.

I discovered a beast behind those kind eyes

A beast that will sucked every inch of me until nothing was left

It’s hard for me, but I walked away to save myself from unbearable endless agony.
I should have known you better

I should have known that wolves can dress like sheeps to deceive.

I want to hate you for insisting to let you inside my own universe.
I ended up hating myself for I cannot unlove a beast like you.

I cannot forget the way you embraced me when the nights are cold

I cannot forget the way it felt everytime your lips pressed against mine.

I cannot forget how it felt when our souls intertwined every night.

I cannot forget the way you made everything alright despite of chaos

I cannot unlove a beast like you and that’s my point of deception.

Eclipsis Lunae

Eclipsis Lunae

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