A Puppet Of The Powers Over Me

This, not that; over there; No! Stop, you should do this, you should do that; Follow me. Some sort of forces that is controlling you to do the things you may not want yet you can’t hardly resist since you are chained and tangled unto his command.


Ever since from the beginning of time everyone is subjected on to command, on to power of someone who is on top. Someone who is superior over you, someone who has the power over you. We were just a mere puppet since everyone can’t fully move according to what they wanted.


As an individual, youth of today’s era, I am also subjected on to various of powers hindering me to do the things I want.  First and foremost, I am subjected over my parents’ power. There are lots of unreasonable restrictions and unjustly limitations. Considering that I’m a grown up man who knows how to handle himself and who knows how to decide for himself but I have no choice to follow them. Another is that I am subjected over the power of the state, making me think twice whether I am free or it’s just a mere label.  Yes, I believe it’s for the common good but how about the freedom thingy Oh! Yes I know, I have no choice but to follow it. Lastly, I am subjected over the power of my own. This is the hardest power to handle with, since there were times in my life the I battled with myself, I contradict myself, think twice over myself and doubted myself. It sometimes become uncontrollable and hard to handle with since I’m confused, empty distraught, in this quagmire of my darkness.


These powers affect me that much, making me insane, uncomfortable, unrest since as for me those power is restricting me to be the person I want to be, to do the things I want to do and to be free as I wanna be. Well I know, this is life and this is the reality all I need to do is to follow and be a puppet of the powers over me. But I believe time will come that I will be free and break free from these powers and live the life I ever wanted.


I am a mere puppet trying to break free from the powers over me.

Sir Eyyy

Sir Eyyy

Sir Eyyy is a man of dreams and of wisdom. Taking his big leap to reach the stars. Striving to be a catalyst of change and of goodwill. He wish to travel across the globe to witness the amazing beauty this vast world can offer. He is a poet and a writer. He writes to express and not to impress. Catch more of him on his blog at www.thesojournerscreed.wordpress.com

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