Movie Review: HOPE (2013)

HOPE is a korean film from the year 2013. Getting curious about the film? Why don’t you give it a hitch and try to feel the same way I’m feeling.   Having watched this inspiring film made my eyes wide open at two important things everyone must give attention of.   First is the Parents…

A Puppet Of The Powers Over Me

This, not that; over there; No! Stop, you should do this, you should do that; Follow me. Some sort of forces that is controlling you to do the things you may not want yet you can’t hardly resist since you are chained and tangled unto his command.   Ever since from the beginning of time…

Losing But Fighting

I am a lone sojourner of this crazy adventure

Where armor is shattered and sword has been broken

I am a fighter who lost his fight in a battle

Where his army has taken aback and flinched in fear of losing their lives


A single piece is important for if one get lost the whole is affected. They say it’s a whole bunch of shit thinking for a fairy tale story knowing that it’s all just a story of shit making people believe for a happy ending. As days pass by there are a lot of things I…