If after some time you forget about the things we’ve done,

Look back at the memories we created as one.

While with doubts and fears of a novice artist

Together we chose to say that yes, we can do this!

If after a week you can no longer remember

the sacrifices we did and shared together

Hand in hand, with hearts, shoulder to shoulder

Look back at the memories of joy and laughter

If any of you will forget about this movie

For a few will ignore its peculiar beauty

Don’t regret, never lose your faith and dignity

For real victory is not about the trophy

Triumph is about giving what you have

Doing more of the things that you certainly love

It’s about one another, believing in your own.

Collecting memories that can never be blown

I will always cherish the happiness and the bliss

I will never forget about those colorful stories

Now that it’s the end, let me just say this

With you my friends, FOREVER DO EXIST.

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Sir Eyyy

Sir Eyyy is a man of dreams and of wisdom. Taking his big leap to reach the stars. Striving to be a catalyst of change and of goodwill. He wish to travel across the globe to witness the amazing beauty this vast world can offer. He is a poet and a writer. He writes to express and not to impress. Catch more of him on his blog at

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  1. Ghaleb,Salman mohammed
    Rizal has returned to Philippines in 1892 as he felt he needed to be in the country to effectively bring about reforms