Losing But Fighting

I am a lone sojourner of this crazy adventure Where armor is shattered and sword has been broken I am a fighter who lost his fight in a battle Where his army has taken aback and flinched in fear of losing their lives

I ran to the wild to shout out loud

I glance at the sky to see the clouds up high

I cry to the moon and feel its gloom

And dance with the wind as young and free


I am nothing, could I be like something?

I am nobody, could I be like somebody?

Who am I in this world so dim?

Who am I in this world full of cruel and evil


I am a lone sojourner of this crazy adventure

Where armor is shattered and sword has been broken

I am a fighter who lost his fight in a battle

Where his army has taken aback and flinched in fear of losing their lives


I searched for words and found nothing

My mouth can’t speak words of pain and agony

My fortress had crumble

My life has crushed and been broken apart


Today as I stand and fight my journey back

With boldness and hope that the sun will shine

Light will explode and will shine as bright

Defeating the darkness who ruled over the night.

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Sir Eyyy
Sir Eyyy is a man of dreams and of wisdom. Taking his big leap to reach the stars. Striving to be a catalyst of change and of goodwill. He wish to travel across the globe to witness the amazing beauty this vast world can offer. He is a poet and a writer. He writes to express and not to impress. Catch more of him on his blog at www.thesojournerscreed.wordpress.com
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  1. Lost but still fighting

  2. ipaglaban mo! 🙂

  3. ipaglaban mo! 🙂

    Israel Falcotelo

  4. ipaglaban mo! 🙂

    Israel Falcotelo

  5. Inspiring thoughts ? Fighting !

    Jan Raymel Oñate ENG 156

  6. Fight lang ng Fight

  7. fighterrrr

  8. Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you.

  9. jenalie osida-MAR142
    1. implicit
    2. faith/beliefs
    3. “hurdles”

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