My Random Thoughts and Musings 0005

I have often wondered how people can get into a loveless marriage. It’s not that these marriage don’t last but they do last which is the amazing thing about them. They went in with eyes wide open fully knowing the circumstances and yet despite the odds they stay together for the rest of their lives. Such is the story of my parents. Sure, love grew over the years. But they agreed to get married due to practical reasons. My father has been dead for near 20 years and my mom has never considered dating another man when she could have done so a few years after my father passed away. She remained faithful.

My father was not a perfect man. He was a foul-mouthed business man with a huge frame and even bigger than life personality. Everybody liked him but he had certain indiscretions with another woman before I was born. Maybe that’s why I abhor people who cheat on their spouses. Those years was a horrible time for my mother. Eventually they got back together. Their marriage stronger despite the marital problems they had and it was so until and even after my father died.

So I wonder if love is really necessary in the real world? Sure it’s ideally acceptable to be madly head over heels in love with your partner but such passions don’t really last. It’s hard to sustain. Once the honeymoon period is over reality will sink in and whatever illusions they have will shatter… that’s when compromises and their mutual respect for each other comes into play. It’s make or break. A daunting prospect, it’s not impossible but doable… with more than it’s fair share of difficulty. A test of mental and emotional fortitude.Marriage lasts or fails in these circumstances… Or maybe the previous generations were made of sterner stuff compared to my and the following generations when it comes to relationships and maturity. However, if they can do it… (our parents) maybe so can we…


  1. Taking the first year in agriculture in the Ateneo, he also completed this with highest honors.
    Ghaleb,Salman mohammed

  2. Olveda, Madel P. (MAR142)
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