Many times I asked myself if still I can? Am I really that good? And am I really that happy? 

Few questions lurking on my mind bombarding me whether I am or not. At this juncture of life, I’m so confused, so empty and so distraught wandering around this quagmire of my darkness. I kept walking on and found myself out nowhere- no path, no direction.

I’m in this certain dilemma that I myself cannot explain. I cannot fathom how deep is the source of this feeling. Seems like I’m on a dark place – no one’s around and nothing to be seen. I feel so all alone when I know there are a lot of shoulders I can lean on. It’s like I can’t speak my heart out that no matter how heavy this burdens I have, my mouth can’t speak what was it all about. Maybe because I get used to it? Or I’m that really afraid telling anyone about this just to portray a strong character that I should be. I don’t know, I can’t figure out why and how. I can’t describe what kind of scenario I’m in, where on earth could I find the answer and who to ask about it.

I got used to it. I got used to being independent since then. I got used to being secretive as I am now. I got used to being pretentious as I have been. I got used to being all alone from the very beginning.


I am chained. I am struggling. I am fighting.

I am Chained.

I am chained in my own world that I guess no one could ever understand. I am chained to my own ideas about things in life. I am chained to the reality that my parents would never understand the things I want in my life. I am chained to the powers over me making me like a lifeless robot doing whatever they direct me. I am chained to the elegant lies I feed myself just to cope up with this life I have.  I feel so weak, so helpless, so powerless. I know what to do but there are things that holds me to do so withdrawing me to break free from these chains that’s been binding me disabling me to move and act according to my own will.


I am Struggling.

I am struggling finding my way out of this darkness I’m in. I’m struggling towards life butt ins. I am struggling to the reality I’m in. I’m struggling towards the dreams that I have. I’m struggling to the ideas that may never happen. I’m struggling over the powers that’s controlling me. I’m struggling to the fact that life should be like this and not that. I’m struggling with all my might and power to be as free as I want to be. I am struggling to break the chains and show to the world what I can do and who I really am. I may be weak as I am yet I can be strong amidst my weaknesses, Brave beyond my fears, and better than my past.


Sir Eyyy

Sir Eyyy

Sir Eyyy is a man of dreams and of wisdom. Taking his big leap to reach the stars. Striving to be a catalyst of change and of goodwill. He wish to travel across the globe to witness the amazing beauty this vast world can offer. He is a poet and a writer. He writes to express and not to impress. Catch more of him on his blog at www.thesojournerscreed.wordpress.com

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  1. I feel you. And I see myself in you. I have friends but I’m afraid to trust them , even giving my trust for my family is hard for me. I’m afraid to tell everything I hide in my mind, cause I’m afraid they might judge me. ?

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