The Heart of Jade

A misty shade of green 
In a glade never seen
Lies the heart of jade
Desires and yearning aid.

Wilt no one hear the pleas?
It’s pain unburdened, eased.
Like a blade that excise
And spirits that teases, entice.

Woe, a mournful lonely soul
Weeping, sad for one and all
The jade, a monument eternal
For chaos and peace internal.

Elusive, indeed, is the prize
Like a game played with dice
To cure the melancholic mind
What things can time unwind?

Ah, blessed be thine heart,
Flesh and blood willed apart.
Woe, woe and again woe
A debt, thoust f’ver owe.

A recompense, sweet release
An endless pain to now apease
Peace my brothers, my sisters
Weep not. My heart anew stirs.

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  1. cityslickerpinay

    Hearty ❤

  2. i love it

  3. darrylbalubayan

    Just always follow your heart 🙂 xoxo

  4. Nathaniel A. Renegado?
    Nathaniel A. Renegado?

    Sundan mo lang yung puso mo ? kung ano linalaman ito

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