Movie Review: HOPE (2013)

HOPE is a korean film from the year 2013. Getting curious about the film? Why don’t you give it a hitch and try to feel the same way I’m feeling.


Having watched this inspiring film made my eyes wide open at two important things everyone must give attention of.


First is the Parents love.


“Nobody can love us just the way our parents do”


No matter who we are, what we are. No matter how rebellious and hardheaded we are. Nothing would suffice than the love of our parents for us.


There may be circumstances that they get mad at us nor they lack time for us. That sometimes we may feel that we are not loved. But that’s wrong. Our parents love is more than we can just imagine.


Just as before we were born, they were so excited to embrace us with their loving arms. They may be overprotective but they just want nothing but for you to be in good shape. They are there guiding you as you learn to walk. They are at your side teaching you everything you need to learn. They are there at every milestone you reached. They get hurt when you feel hurt. They were happy when you’re happy. Your parents are proud with your achievements. They’ve been boasting you over their friends. They may not express their love for you through saying it but their hard-work speaks louder than what you want to hear.


There may be instances you’ll doubt their love for you but a great saying says: Parents will give everything for their child, they will do anything even at the extent of giving what they have and risking their own.


Second is keep holding on no matter how tough the situation we are in.


“Life may knock us down and tear us apart but as long as there is life, THERE IS HOPE”


Problems do come and block our way. It may trip us over and knock us down. Well, that life is. We must learn to swim with the waves and dance with the tides.


Everyone is walking along their own journey. Each path we are walking is filled with different hurdles that will challenge our faith, character, and strength. There’s no person who doesn’t have a problem. Each of us is facing different endeavors of life. So don’t think that you are the only one who’s beset with obstacles as you go along your way. Always remember that there’s no problem that doesn’t have a solution. The battle may be tough but keeping your faith along the way will lead you to success.


The story of hope will continue to remind us to be strong amid the trials of life. Life may be unfair but always remember that everything happens for a reason. We may not understand why it is happening to us but time will come that we will realize its essence.


IM HOPE is a film that will teach us so many lessons in life. It is a reminder to everyone that life may be harsh but with your family, everything will be fine. We may not experience life the way we want it but we will experience life the way we need it.

Sir Eyyy

Sir Eyyy

Sir Eyyy is a man of dreams and of wisdom. Taking his big leap to reach the stars. Striving to be a catalyst of change and of goodwill. He wish to travel across the globe to witness the amazing beauty this vast world can offer. He is a poet and a writer. He writes to express and not to impress. Catch more of him on his blog at

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