Blog Tour ARC Review: Promdi Heart (Hometown Love Stories) by Georgette Gonzales, Agay Llanera, Chris Mariano, C.P. Santi, Jay Tria, Ines Bautista-Yao

Title: Promdi Heart (Hometown Love Stories)
Author: Georgette Gonzales, Agay Llanera, Chris Mariano, C.P. Santi, Jay Tria, Ines Bautista-Yao
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆(5/5)

Signed up for the Blog Tour and received an ARC (epub copy) of this anthology in exchange for an honest review.

It is my first time joining a Blog Tour so I don’t have any idea how it works but I totally have a gist on how it’s being done. My curiosity about joining a blog tour spark up when I saw this soon to be published book Promdi Heart, because it is a romanceclass I had to sign up for the blog tour and of course these authors are the foundation of #romanceclass I need to read this anthology. They have provided me a copy of the book with a very beautiful cover by the way, you need to read it and post an honest review within the dates April 17-21, 2017 but you can go ahead and post your reviews anytime. Before I start reading this I already have a feeling that it will spark something in me I know that it can definitely make my heart skip a beat, make me cry like a baby, make me feel something I haven’t feel in years. I have to be ready with all the feels and I know even if I am ready, all the feels from reading this book will definitely hit me. I will be reviewing this anthology per story.

1/6 – Only the Beginning by C.P. Santi

This is the first of the six and OMG it really live up to its expectation, for me at least! My Heart was very full right now. I super love the story. It is very light, sweet and yes very relatable. I knew from the start that destiny has work its magic towards Andi and Martin, also don’t forget the Tita and Father, I can feel that they’re up to something. Grabe si Father mangasar! I adore him. I love how their relationship has evolve. Their banter was just too cute, my feels when they do that is overflowing it’s just sweet and not overacting or overrated. I really think that Andi truly deserves to find someone like Martin, I know that she is a good person and doesn’t need anyone who will just treat her bad. I feel her pain. On the other hand Martin, how I feel about him okay, Martin is just pure sincerity and warmth. In him, there is no rushing and eagerness. I imagined his aura and it is very positive, true, pure and happy. I feel so attached with their story. Reading it makes me warm inside, it puts a smile on my face and it makes my heart dance in happiness. Ay nako Dai and puso ko!


2/6 – Letters About A Boy by Ines Bautista-Yao

This somewhat reminds me of my high school days, Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High are the bomb during my high school time. Okay, I can totally relate to Tin-tin now. But Irish Coffee and Biscuit! What a perfect match just like Nicolas and Tin-tin. I don’t know but this story reminds me of my high school days, the letters we write for our friends, the stories we tell them in our long letters and of course the revelation of feelings for our long time crushes. Who knew that these letters will remind us of ourselves. Tin-tin’s letters to Annette has keep me smiling all the way even if some letters was a bit sad I still enjoy her stories, raves and rants. She is very kind and sweet and her love for her hometown was just beyond and amazing. And oh Nicolas what took you so long to realize that! His letter to Tin-tin oh gosh it was perfect, while reading it my heart ache and tears are welling up in my eyes but it was lovely. I was afraid that things won’t work well for them. The way the story was written was just brilliant, I like the idea and I love how well it was put together even though it was written in Tin-tin’s POV, but damn! Nicolas letter though? Brilliant and Heartwarming!!


3/6 – Drummer Boy by Chris Mariano

This one! Set in Aklan, and yes I have seen the words Iloilo, Piyaya, Inasal OMG! OMG! The characters? These are my people. And how excited I am to read about Ati-Atihan and all the festivities and yes the food. I was ecstatic because I am so familiar with the food. Okay so on with my thoughts. I adore Reina and Ben, they’re just so true with themselves. I mean there is no pretending and they just grab the opportunity to be with each other. At some point in the story I was a bit concerned with Ben and his relationship with his father, at times I just wanted to give him a hug! The story however, really does happen. I think this is the reality, the struggle of Ben with being a drummer boy and his passion with his band, also his feelings for Reina which he had kept for so long because for all we know he is best friends with Reinas’ older brother. I love their story, the complication of it makes it more exciting, their eagerness to be with each other and the sacrifices they do for each other was just overwhelming. I can just feel their love for each other and it touched me in some ways. Again I wanted to hug Ben, I feel that he really needs someone who will be there for him, who will fight for him and who will stick with him no matter what. And Reina, she is just a ray of sunshine I adore her guts and her aura was just so positive. So much love for them.


4/6 – One Certain Day by Jay E. Tria

Okay this story was unexpected for me. The ending? That I didn’t expect and it hurt me. But of course that’s the way things work for Son and Alice, maybe it would be better that way for them but dang! I’m a sucker for happy endings haha. I love how a friendship unfolds during All Saints’ Day, it was refreshing to see how a friendship blooms from two people with different personality, different lifestyle and how they manage to keep in touch with each other after and of course there is the unreturned feelings. I admired Alice for being so brave with her feelings (with the help of the alcohol of course haha!?) but nevertheless she is very strong and very vocal i guess but of course when we do these kind of things we cannot expect anything in return and I love how she was able to accept it even though of course it would hurt her. And Son, gosh when a boy tries to write a song for you? who would not like him noh? I would haha i feel i am a very special human being. Who would not feel kilig and in love when someone writes a song for you. I just wish you know that in the near future there is a future for them hihi. Over all I like this story, a story about acceptance and rejection, it is a reality and I know we can all relate to what happened in the end. Yes? I have so much feels for this one.


5/6 – Once Upon a Bully by Georgette S. Gonzales

Yes Vigan! And hell yes to Miguel. This story is one of my favorites in this anthology. OMG Ms. Georgette you just don’t know how their story gives me all the right feels! I super love Miguel, I love his attitude, his outlook in life, there is no bad blood for him and I think he’s just perfect, he is so gentle and oh my I just want to give him hugs all the time. He is so darn adorable. Bridgette oh Bridgette, she was this bully girl but I know she is one for a reason. I knew it, she must have had a crush for Miguel that’s why she was like that with him ever since, but i felt sad though for the way he treated the chubby Miguel but yeah I know she’s sorry for all the things she did to him. When you’re still a kid sometimes it is just hard to admit to your friends that the person you always pester is the one you have always liked. I feel you there! But all is well though and the food, you can never go wrong with empanada and bagnet. The setting of the story was very appropriate, very timely, the story itself I love it! I’ve been to Vigan and I just can’t wait to come back again, but I know that when that time comes I’ll be thinking of Miguel and Bridgette and just fall in love with them all over again.


6/6 – Back to the Stars by Agay Llanera

And yes to the setting. And yes yes yes to Wency. I love Wency. Heartwarming, Selfless, Hardworking and just pure. Isn’t it amazing how when you have a strong personality and yet someone just makes you melt and makes you feel that all things will work out fine, that’s how Wency is. I guess he is someone who you can share everything with and will not judge you for what you do. I just feel it in him and I love his personality. I wouldn’t change anything about him. His attitude towards life and other people is amazing. For me he is a breath of fresh air. On the other hand Leah, I was not a fan of her attitude, maybe because I think city life has changed her in some ways and the way she responded to people’s treatment toward her are just different but I do think that only Wency can manage her or can totally understand her and can make her feel important in just simple ways. Wency definitely makes my heart skip a bit with every word, with every move and with every love he has. And also I think that really they are good for each other, they’re the yin and the yang, they fill each other’s emptiness without them knowing it. And yes to friends to lovers trope! I wish there would be more from them. I would love to hear their adventures together. One would really complement each other.


These romanceclass anthologies are to die for, just the same with the book covers they are always lovely and beautiful. They can make you fall in love, they can make you cry and laugh but most of all they can make you hungry! haha hungry for love and for food. The food in these beautiful places are to die for, they are mouthwatering and fulfilling. Add to these the amazing places we have here in the Philippines. It is just so overwhelming to read about these places that most of us doesn’t have any idea about their festivities, their food and their beautiful sceneries. Truly that is one of my goals to travel and visit all our local provinces and I think that our country is just so beautiful it is an awesome feeling to fall in love here. Just kudos to all of these lovely writers, I love all your stories as I’m a sucker for this kind of feels eh mostly stories that can make me cry, laugh and fall in love all at the same time and I am just happy to get to know romanceclass authors and their books. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories to us and I am looking forward to read more from you. My feels for this book will remain for a very long time, if I get to visit these hometown of yours someday I will definitely be thinking of you and these awesome characters and stories you have shared with me. This definitely deserves 5 stars. All my kisses to all of you. I would definitely and would highly recommend this anthology to other readers. Please keep on writing more of these stories.

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