Human Heart by R

“The Human Heart works 24 hours a day. 7 days a week from the day you were born up until the day the person you love starts loving someone else.”


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Binibining `E
Binibining `E works for a BPO company by day and is a supersized, weird and peculiar super hero by night who loves the sea, the sand and the sun. She has been eating books for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even for desserts too. An amateur sketcher, can draw when bored. Can write at times and whenever she thinks she can. A certified bibliophile, expect lots of book reviews and adventures with this ugly writer. She is not an ordinary girl. She is peculiar indeed. Will prefer basketball over drama, books over telenovelas, a good book and a cup of coffee over tv.
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Von Andrei Cabrera

Cabrera Von andrei M. – MAR142(MARKETING MANAGEMENT) 1. Five inherent culture that I am proud of. *Going to my sister’s house every weekend to visit the kids and try to bond with them. *Giving a gift when it is someone’s birthday. * Saying po and Opo to respect my parents and older siblings. *Eating and bonding on malls every weekends or whenever my family is complete. * Driving aroubd the cities with my mom just to go to somewhere. 2. 2 Specific cultures that I wanted to have are: *Going to church every weekend together with the whole family. *Exhanging… Read more »

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