I never thought of what you could do with your hands.

For what seems like an eternity of love turns out to be just another summer love affair to you.

In that eternity that I call, I used to stare and hold your right hand. I was always fascinated by the marvels that it made. How a single hand could make up the world I completely fantasized.

I held your hand as time flies away, enjoying every single moment with you.

Little that I knew, you had me in the palm of your right hand.

Because I never knew how you played us. You were using both of you hands.


You left  me because you weren’t used to something so… right.

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Standing still in a fast-paced world.
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  1. Magos, Jasan Denise – MAR 142
    Non – Material (Implicit)
    Knowledge (Love)

  2. Rosario, Aeroll Andrei – ARC 133 – HARTAPP – MQ2 (Depth of Field)

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