A Warrior Defined

Succumbed by the melancholic world,
yet finding its way to light..
The art of war starts within thy self,
A fierce battle between survival and surrender..
In which death defines the end..
YES. The end of this vendetta that has gone intense..
The fury that deceives..
Deceiving, that beyond the feud,
LIFE matters, as if it should be spent to battle against it..
LIFE versus LIFE.
A continuity of what seems endless.
The angst of judgment –a fearless entity that controls everything,
The way it should be.
A subtle element that holds the projection of thy self.
The cry of fear –a dark shadow that conceives thy strength.
The oblivion of peace.
The music of rebellion –that pushes thyself to retaliate,
and have freedom at its fullest.
From there, rises a WARRIOR.
A warrior who has risen,
Awakened by the deafening cry of the silent heart.
Whose strength was drawn from thy weakness..
Whose tears fueled thy power..
Whose pain became thy unwilling weapon to fight for immortality..
Whose ignorance was the only means of instinct and knowledge for survival..
Enduring venomous words that comes from thy mouth, that pierces and poisons thy heart..
Without the courage to stand from devastation..
Yet, it is wise, for the warrior chooses to fight.. out of the smallest piece of dignity owned..
Those millions of battles have been won in a cycle of reality..
ALONE, against the crowd of pain, death and melancholy.
Claims that the vast is dull without the crimson shed that paints it..
YES. Succumbed by the melancholy of this world..
Finding its way to IRIS, the promise of the ended blitzkrieg strikes..
ENDURED AND SURPASSED all the hurtful arrows that pierces
Thy little armorless body.
The strongest foundation of thy feet,
The borderless walls of thy mind,
Here and there, to the extent of INFINITY.
Head held high as the battle continues.
What lies ahead won’t stop thee.
What’s in store is another challenge..
An answer that solves LIFE versus LIFE..
The infinity and the strength dominates the DETERMINATION to go beyond,
Defines this warrior of the empire of his own..

And thy battles will never be forgotten,
And how each was won..

A Warrior defined
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  1. Why did your group have a low grade on PT1 and PT2?
    – We have a low grade on both PT1 and PT2 because, some of us are irregular students we had a different schedules a lack of time for us to do a performance task. Then, we had a lot of works on our design subject (major subject). It is hard for us, we must concentrated more on plates & research on our major.

    Manuel,June L.
    ARC 132

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