Veins and Arteries

I studied the nature of human veins.

It is a system of blood vessels where the blood flows and it was tasked to transport the blood back to our hearts.

Then I remember you.

You are not the veins; however, you are the arteries. Your mission is to carry the blood whose rich in oxygen from my heart through all regions of my body — and you did. You gave me chills whenever you are in the street looking at me. You made me faint whenever you’re not around — you keep me alive.

Conversely, I can’t hide the truth that I am the veins. You carry all the love I want but I was asked to give all it back. Because you’re in love with another heart and body. And like veins, I am only a passageway.

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  1. Naz, Anna Maurine D.

  2. Amador, Ma. Angelica
    Amador, Ma. Angelica

    That’s how life works!

    Amador, Ma. Angelica D.

  3. Jethro M. Fanoga
    Jethro M. Fanoga

    I’ve experience this before. Hard to get over.

  4. Fortis, Emmanuel Daniel B. / MAR141 / Sociology / Attendance
    – Great article!

  5. Jan Ericson Castillo
    Jan Ericson Castillo

    Jan Ericson Castillo

  6. Well, you’re not meant for each other haha

    Kenneth Willie M. Layona
    National-U, BSBA- MAR142

  7. Don’t make one person as if he/she is the one giving your life, always think of your worth. If your trying to give all your best, then don’t think for it’s return. Everything has it’s best timing, if were just willing to wait for it. We all deserve to be love and treat the same.

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