The Good Life 2017

Not my first, and definitely not my last ?

I really wanted to write about a lot of things, but the main reason why I reformatted my blog is to have an advocacy, a theme and something that will inspire and help people to look at how good life can be.

I am a Psychology major and being taught about how different and complex each person thinks, I know that all of us have different problems and challenges that we face on a daily basis.

I was invited by Dr. Hernandez to represent our blogging community, The Ugly Writers, being one of the media partners of the said event.

I said yes because I definitely know that I will be learning a lot and incorporate those of the things that I will learn in strengthening my advocacy for mental awareness.

The aim of this summit is to emphasize having a holistic living, gathering practitioners to help patients and the public gain better knowledge and access to different services and treatment available.

True enough, the different topics were really helpful since I am trying to balance my time for my upcoming licensure examination, and all other stress and pressure in and out of it. Above everything else, I wanted to keep myself sane at all cost, thus, following all of the things that I have learned from the following mental awareness fellow advocates.

  •  Ms Charito Lozano – a certified color counselor who talked about how colors affect people and their health and wellness. Her topic was really interesting as it is based and focused on one’s psychological aspect.As a fellow psychology major, her topic caught my attention and I was given the chance to talk to her one-on-one. She even taught me things on how I can personally manage issues and other stuff (that I will be sharing on my next blogs). She was really accommodating and patient as if she is teaching me personally. She even gave me some pointers to motivate myself in pursuing my licensure.If you are interested in being able to get your counseling with her, you may contact her at +63 917 566 8538.
  • Dr. Cherry Raneses – an expert in naturopathy. She talked about using natural stuff and self-healing, which I think is aligned to how I perceive recovery and a way of preventing people from dependency and addiction.
  • Enzo Armovit – he talked about Wellness through Mindfulness, an essential thing that most of us forget to remind ourselves. Such irony, no? Things that we can easily use to help ourselves, but we eventually fail just because we are too stubborn to wake ourselves, accept things, focus and pay attention to what our body is telling us about our health. Things that we often take for granted…
  • Chiqui Martinez – talked about Depression in the Age of Social Media. A major thing that people get when they cling too much on Facebook, etc. (will also talk about this in my later posts)

I only attended the first day of the summit as I have my scheduled review and prior appointments. Things I have heard and learned not only validated what I already have in mind but taught me other things that I can apply on a daily basis just so I can say that I am living the good life.

Having the good life does not really mean being rich or having a lot of money, but it takes someone who knows how to really take care of his health and wellness to live the good life.

The Good Life 2017
A Health, Wellness and Mental Awareness Summit
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  1. I would be interested to hear what they talked about wellness through mindfulness…I hope it is not the same as many new-age thinkers market this tool. Mindfulness touches on one’s spirituality at depth.

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