2018 Planner: Which Planner will you be getting??

It's the time of the year again. And the yearly collecting of stickers or stamps to get the most awaited planners are now starting. Anyone can now collect promo cards and stickers and indulge with Christmas drinks to avail of the planner.

It’s the time of the year again. And the yearly collecting of stickers or stamps to get the most awaited planners are now starting. Anyone can now collect promo cards and stickers and indulge with Christmas drinks to avail of the planner. There are many coffee shops who are doing this promotion yearly. Let me list down these coffee shops, the ones that I know who are offering this kind of activity/promotion.

  1. Starbucks
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The Starbucks Philippines 2018 Planner comes in 2 designs, from the previous years they always feature 4 unique designs for their planner and come last year I think and this year it only feature 2 distinct designs. This year’s planner comes with a leather sleeve and each planner has an exclusive Starbucks card Kape Vinta style, when activated from January 1-30, 2018 you may have a chance to win 365 complimentary Grande drinks. You can choose from 2 colorful designs, one with blue cover and the other one in green. It has a cute interior and if you are into bujo or into journaling you will enjoy this planners. You just have to collect 9 Christmas Featured Drink and 9 Regular Beverages for you to avail the 2018 Starbucks Planner. Promo starts November 2, 2018. I have been collecting SB planners since 2008 and this is a first time that a Starbucks card is included. So yay to that, I will definitely go for the blue one this time, but we will see I might be able to get the green one also. As of this writing I have already finished my promo card and was able to get the planner already I did get the blue one but still haven’t opened it yet. Currently collecting stickers for my second promo card.

  1. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
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If you are a fan of the CBTL Planner, The 2018 Giving Journal is now ready for you, just collect 12 stamps and it already started last October 21, 2017 until January 14, 2014. I believe this giving journal also helps a foundation for educational assistance. So basically you enjoy drinking their beverages and at the same time you are also helping others. Planners come in 4 colors and one of them is the DIY cover, where you can make your own cover for the planner, you can color it anyway you want. I haven’t gotten any planners from CBTL though I think it is much easy to collect stamps from them since they are just requiring 12 stamps. I previously started one before but I wasnt able to complete a promo card since there is no CBTL near my place. So yeah, but I think CBTL’s planner are way too cool. Hopefully, I would be able to get one this year.

  1. Seattle’s Best
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I always enjoyed Seattle’s Best Beverages and now the SBC Dream Journal 2018 are now available at all SBC Cafes. I truly enjoyed the look of their planners at it is so classy to look and use. For all the years that I have been collecting planners. I was able to get an SBC Dream Journal 2 years ago and it was so amazing, the one I have is in the orange color and it also comprises coupons and even a CD of especially chosen songs. I love the classy look of their planners. This year’s planner really catches my eyes, the planner has a magnet to tuck it in and it comes in 4 different colors (red, orange, blue and I think black I wasn’t able to really check the colors haha). The look of the planners are really good to the feel, it is so simple and yet got the classy look. I probably be collecting one right now and would be torn between the red and the blue one. Hmmm… or maybe I can collect both.

There are other planners out there, Belle de Jour, Tita Witty’s planner etc. If you are enjoying to DIY or to make your own, then definitely you can do so. If you are into journaling you can be creative enough and make one for yourself. The personalized the planner the better right? As for me, It is a yearly thing that I collect planners and yes I admit that I really don’t use them, just for collections. So let us all start to drink coffee and get those stamps/stickers and claim which planner we like to have.

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