siyam na pamagat

Siyam na pamagat. Nine Poems.

By comparison, you're a dark chocolate, Bitter yet sweet, you're definitely perfect, Neither good nor bad, Just enough to remember why I want you so bad.

isang pulgada
Tula #1
Isang Pulgada
Holding hands, fingers intertwined
Smooth touch, firm grasps
Within my arms length are the only distance I will ever let you deviate.

kilos at salita

Tula #2
Kilos at Salita
Stolen glances, suppressed smiles
Even without words, even with just your eyes
It’s all I ever need to know, to know that we are worth the show.


Tula #3
Imagery, simile, metaphor,
Your eyes twinkle, your lips like a lump of cloud, all in all, you’re a star
Oh but darling, it’s all just words
And nothing will equate to the reality of your grandeur.


Tula #4
A B C D E F G; I love thee,
H I J K L M N; My fair queen,
O P Q R S T U; You’re my favorite hue,
V W X Y Z; You’re my solitary reality.


Tula #5
By comparison, you’re a dark chocolate,
Bitter yet sweet, you’re definitely perfect,
Neither good nor bad,
Just enough to remember why I want you so bad.


Tula #6
You’re a masterpiece in a canvass; a ballerina with class,
Vividly sprawled with colors; gracefully gyrating in a dance floor,
Two entirely different
But nonetheless, I’m enthralled deep within my heart.

walang wakas

Tula #7
Walang wakas
She wears no crown,
She got no knight in shining armor,
She’s not a princess,
But with her, there’s definitely a happy ever after.


Tula #8
Math and science are irrelevant,
English and literature are not quite constant,
Not one was able to explain what love is to me,
Not until I caught a glimpse of you and dreamt of what I want us to be.


Tula #9
She wears no cape and she got no superpower.
She’s not from a different universe and she’s not a mutant either.
But she’s their hero and I’m willing to be hers.
Coz there’s this flicker of vulnerability in her eyes.
And when she saves everyone.
I’m willing to be the one that saves her when she thought nobody would.



Shit is my chosen profanity.

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