Shit is my chosen profanity.

Witching Hour

the ugly writers
It's maddening to be on my mind Silence and noise, never just one Realization and frustration dancing back and forth each time As dreams and hope are crushed on the ground

Unblocking Myself

the ugly writers
It has been a year. A year without holding a pen guilty purely for one reason; writing. And so, as this dreadful year ends, here's to the invisible barrier surrounding my mind ending as well.

Once a Family

Boys and girls may break your heart, nothing that can’t be healed by a few bottle of beers and litter of tears. But trust me when I say, once a family member breaks your heart, regardless a number of tears…

My brave love

the ugly writers
To the girl I know who can get through anything. Dysfunctional family fights. Messed up school system. Sibling fights. Heartbreaks. Ended friendships. The worst of the worst. Whenever the world hurts you, I know you fake a smile and keep…

Untitled love

I was enjoying my own, with my world being gravity free. But I was intrigued with the way your gravity fastly pulls me. Then I saw your light as you shine brighter than the rest. And I was too late…