Miles is a poem written and shared by letterthief for The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck! for the month of February.




This distance, it’s suffocating

I want you beside me

I need you beside me

You’re miles away, it’s frustrating

I toss and turn, but I can’t hold you

I want to feel at home

I need to be at home

I’m crying, I don’t know what to do

I clicked your name, I need to hear your voice

Just a few minutes

It’ll help me get through this

This distance, just numbers between us

We both know, it will be tiring

We both know, we will be tested

I know it will be rough,

But my love is enough

And even though it’s tough

Long distance is no match

For we are in it

You and I, we will beat it

So love listen, fuck long distance

My words will reach you

My love will stay true

Always love, as long as I can


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