Translucent is a poem written and shared by Kevin Rein for The Ugly Writers with the theme Stuck! for the month of February.


You served as the door to my awakening.
I discovered the universe when you let me go.
Of all our twists and turns I found my curtain of gold,
And when you took your bow,
I, with overflowing gratitude
closed my eyes and cried.

You made me understand that a broken heart can heal in a million ways.
You taught me that pain can be a crayon to much happier days.
And for the aches and bleedings, you gifted me,
I owe you my betterment.

You laid out the Amethystine carpet for me,
And my soul was purified.
Thank you for freeing me away from the chains that bound me.
I will be forever grateful for your passing through my life.

And for this,
For this little story of us,
I’m happy to give you my final words.
Our love was truly magical,
And your role was the bestest part.

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