Mulberry Leaf

Mulberry Leaf is a poem written and shared by Pasithea Chan for The Ugly Writers with the theme Stuck! for the month of February.


Mulberry Leaf


Give thanks they said
to peace and love’s legend.
Remember happy faces feasting on a bird:
landowners and conquerors seated
at one table as bestie and friend.

Who would’ve guessed
one man on a boat found
dead, would get five hundred
children and women killed instead?

Who would’ve guessed
our happy turkey legend
is thanks given for blood
of innocent Indians killed?

History of wars lead
is written by the hand
of conquerors to be fed
to children of those conquered!

Who would’ve guessed
peace could be used
as the mulberry leaf of hatred
cruelty, and blood?

Truth has no instead.
Happiness shared
should be based
on good instilled.

Lies are mulberry leaves placed
to bury truth about the land.
But those who survived
will make truth survive the legend passed.

A gun can give you the bird
never its soul even if you spill its blood.
Today we give thanks for truth not blood
by saying the truth & remembering those killed.

Mulberry Leaf Give peace legend - pasitheaanimalibera | ello


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