the ugly writers

Unblocking Myself

Though letters are nothing but symbols with no meaning of its own, and words are just illusions made by man, no one can deny the power that words contain. Power to save a dying soul, ability to lead those who are distraught and power to restore what’s left to rot. And to be able to articulate words that resonate this power is what every writer has in the tip of their pen, in every corner of their mind.

It has been a year. A year without holding a pen guilty purely for one reason; writing. A year without my unorganized thoughts flowing freely into a piece of paper until it slowly blossoms into a revolting piece that captured every emotion I tried to convey. A year with pure frustration of not being able to write my ideas into completion. A year with nothing but exasperation engulfing my mind as I tried and tried but never really reaching anything. And so, as this dreadful year ends, here’s to the invisible barrier surrounding my mind ending as well.

Here’s to the new beginning next year will offer.

Here’s to more chances and overcoming boundaries.

And definitely here’s to writing more.


After a full year gone, let’s all wish The LetterThief will back in full swing. For now, you can visit her previous works by clicking this link or any of the thumbnails below.

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