Yesterday, I needed a guy to work at my site urgently, like it was really really urgent for me to have one more guy before the next day’s morning otherwise I would have faced a great loss for no good. This one guy who already works with me already had a guy in his contact who was looking for some work lately. So I told my guy to come with me to the city later in the evening and introduce me to him.

Later in the evening at around 6:30PM we reached this guy’s location and I met him for a maximum of 2 minutes. I asked him his name and all and that was all about it. I told him- ‘Pack a bag and be ready in 2 hours, I’ll bring the car and pick you up by 8:30pm sharp!’ And I left his locality that very moment itself.

Now, this guy lives towards the less privileged side of the city. That side of the city is mostly known for rowdies and druggists.. But I needed a guy urgently so I did not let anything bother me.
Later at around 8:30pm I left my motorcycle and brought the car to pick him up along with his baggage.
Here’s the breathtaking moment-
At around 8:30PM when I took the car deep inside their locality… Almost everyone started looking at me.. Because honestly, they aren’t too used to seeing men like me in vehicles like that at that time of the night in their locality. I parked and this guy came out within a minute.. All packed and ready.. And he sat in the rear seat… What was shocking to me was that almost 20 kids surrounded my car and started waving him goodbye!
Very soon another guy came closer to the windshield and did his Namaste to me and told me that If I have some other work coming up soon then he is also ready to come.. I smiled happily and said ‘sure’. Then his mom came up and I told her where I was taking him and stuff and told her not to worry.. She was scared a bit, to be honest. A very polite lady!
Throughout this time I did not step out of the car. I greeted them and spoke with them and everything from inside only. Finally when the entire ‘bye bye’ ceremony was over and I started moving the car ahead. Those kids ran breathlessly and screamed- Bye bye, Jonesh! Bye bye, Jonesh! They ran behind the car until I reached a speed that they couldn’t chase anymore.
I was smiling, looking at this guy’s popularity in his location and I couldn’t stop myself from saying – Jonesh, you are quite popular among your folks.. Hmm..!
To this he gave the best reply-
I dropped out of college and have been in and out of bad stuff.. I got sick of this popularity and that is why I was looking for some work far away..
I chuckled and told him- Welcome on-board, boy!
We crossed their locality and then crossed the city lime lights and entered the dark highway and vanished.. Far far away..
Through out the time while I was driving I was only thinking that a guy who wants to run away has finally ended up in hands of a guy who once ran away from himself 🙂
This will be fun..

P.S.- Who am I?

I’m a medical student who ran away and became an engineer and then ran away from himself once more and is now busy going entrepreneurial shit crazy now ?