Technological Changes in the Filipinos

Did technology teach us to be lazy, why? Because many of us are just searching and browsing ideas or somehow others ideas in our assignments, projects, and even in our daily activities. There are already machines that can do what people can do especially to us students, some of us are not using our own ideas and perspectives instead we use technology to gather them.

This advocacy focuses on how Filipinos now and then adopt the technological process. It’s effects on the social attributes of each one of us using it especially in teenagers who are using technology nowadays. We chose this topic to inform more users on how the technology now has been used in a wrong way. Encourage people to somehow, learn more and be respectful on using it and to let them know that technology is not for wrongdoings and somehow lessen this cases. Because for us, technology nowadays may lead to humans being controlled not only physically but also mentally by this change for us, we want to lessen this case.

What is technology for us:

We all know that technology was created by science to help people make their jobs be done easily. But not all of us are using it right, yes, technology is a helpful device which can help us to communicate with others easily, for entertainment, in school or office works. It lessens the handworks of an individual, and it is a positive and helpful outcome in our society and economy these days. But what we noticed is that technology has its negative sides that all of us keep on doing because for us it is good for the eyes and to those who saw it and used it. Technology is built by science to let people be productive and learn their uses, it is not built to ruin our self-ideas or in short is to lead us in a wrong path because technology was done not for us to be ruined nut for us to learn and guide us in what we want to do and what we intend to do. This is not a world for technology only, we are not robots, it is a world for humans, technology is a guide for us, not a human assistant.

Technology and Personalities of People nowadays:

Did technology teach us to be lazy, why? Because many of us are just searching and browsing ideas or somehow others ideas in our assignments, projects, and even in our daily activities. There are already machines that can do what people can do especially to us students, some of us are not using our own ideas and perspectives instead we use technology to gather them. Technology leads to addiction, why? Because many of us are overusing it. Using it over time, using it as an entertainment all night, using it to communicate to strangers, stalk them, chitchatting with them and also let ourselves not to sleep and instead staying up all night that causes others not to attend to school or works because they lack sleep or sometimes it made them not to feel well.

Technology leads to people spreading and invading other people’s privacy, because some of us are now addicted to a site and so lead them to invade and spread videos, pictures, and even become their posers for them to gather friends and attention to others. Like the current events that were happening now, most of them are like us teenagers using their ex-bf/gf, friends, private videos to get revenge that is not helpful for us individuals

Technology leads to Bullying, yes, it does because many of us now are commenting and also spreading wrong and not true information about a certain person, commenting not necessary words on that person’s profile, and one of this example also is like we have said before, the spreading of private videos and pictures of an individual that leads to them been bullied and be ashamed of themselves.

Lastly, Technology now is somehow a crime, why? because now, from what we have noticed, Filipinos are committed to a crime where he/she is spreading scandal videos, that lead to a person to be depressed and commit suicide. Technology now, let people commit a crime by talking and meeting that particular person but then, leading that person to be killed and raped. For us, these are just a few technological changes in our social life there are still many of them if we are just interested in knowing them, maybe it can be totally lessened.

Ways for us to avoid those technological changes:

First, we have to take limits in using gadgets or sites that are not necessary and for fun only we can use it if only needed cause we can control it if we just aim to do it. Second, we have to apply some privacy for ourselves, and not showing lots of our private doings or activities just to make anyone think what you wanted them to think but for us, before you post something you have to think for yourself.

Third, to avoid laziness, you need to use your own ideas! yes, you can search on the internet or some sorts of a website but it is more creative and helpful for yourself if you just gathered ideas and information but you, yourself use your own brain for doing your hand works. Fourth, to avoid bad people, stop and please think before you communicate with that stranger don’t ever think of meeting that person because you should know first his/her character or personality because you never know. Lastly, Respect! yes, if we just learn to respect ourselves and the others? and also, the technology that was using? there will be a lesser crime, lessen cyberbullying, lessen laziness and most of all we can communicate with our families and friends without using those gadgets. Talking to someone is much better for us till now.



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  1. Technology has NOTHING to do with any of the stuff above. Technology doesn’t make us lazy, it doesn’t lead to bullying, it doesn’t propagate negativity at all, etc. This is like saying “guns kill people.” No. People kill people, they use guns.

    This article is a one sided opinion and doesn’t take into consideration the wonderful achievements of technology and how far it brought us, the human kind.

    Speaking as an OFW, I’m offended at how low this article’s authors view technology. I communicate with my family in the Philippines through technology. I have side hustles that earn me extra money online, through technology. I live and breathe technology. Boy, you guys WROTE this, TYPED this with a MACHINE.

    The problem isn’t with technology. It’s with people.

  2. Reyes,Abrielle Natasha S.
    Life and Works of Rizal
    It is only a educational books a better way to use rather the technologies were invented nowadays then everything has a limitation.

  3. Colico, Jester T.

    Transnational – This article is a transnational one because the technology employed to our country is basically from other country or if not it is influenced by the other nation. In addition, the technology that is eminent in our country such as the internet. Inasmuch, when we do academic related stuff, we use the internet and we employ our own knowledge about. So i think this article is a transnational one.

  4. Transnational- because the technology in our country is adopted or influenced by other countries. The Philippines is not only the country who experience this kind of problems but also the other countries all over the world.

  5. Transnational- we are just adapting in the change that has been happening in our country today especially in technology. We try to imitate those kind of changes.

  6. Manalastas, Joel Anjo J.

    National – because this article talks about how Pinoys adapt technology process and technology bad sides.

  7. Short Title: No Technology Day
    Declaration of policy: It is the policy of the State to protect and promote discipline in using different technology.

    Every sunday students are not allowed to use any technology they are required to attend the seminar about proper use of technology.
    Students that do not attend the seminar and use any kind of technology with no valid reason.
    Penalty for violation:
    He/She will be sent to a town house away from the city with no any internet connection or form of communication for one week.

  8. Chelyn S. Hornada
    -Fin144 Rizal

    RA 1218 social media limitations

    – every one should use the social media in the proper way. we should only use google and emails for a healty purposes like research that give us knowledge.

  9. Jelou Kim C. Laporbida
    FIN 144
    Life and Works of Rizal

    Republic Act of the Philippines No. 71597
    Rules of Internet Use

    Whereas, This policy applies to all Filipinos internet users especially to all students here in the Philippines

    Section 1: Internet users must not publish an article whose effect, taken as a whole, would tend to deprave or brainwash those likely to read, see or hear it.

    Section 2: Internet users must not transmit grossly obscene or offensive messages and messages designed to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.

    Section 3: Internet users must not do anything that comes against copy right rules, concerning publishing works of art or performances of music or video images.

    Section 4: Internet users must not publish or receive material which is discriminatory or encourages unlawful discrimination.

    Section 5: Internet users must not make statement, comment about another individual or organization which cannot be justified.

    Severe breaches of this policy could lead to suspension or exclusion of social media accounts of a specific person and will be ban or block to access internet.

  10. Angela B. Javier


    – In this Law proper use of technology should be teach in schools

  11. 1. Anticipated satisfaction is usually higher than actual satisfaction
    2. I Became less grateful In your life
    3. Stressed because of my cluttered things
    4. Became less spiritualistic
    5. Was considered as a money-worshipper

  12. The five negative effects of dependence on material things on me are:

    1.) I feel so envious for some people having my desired stuff.
    2.) I realized that I’m being selfish.
    3.) I became desperate.
    4.) I hated myself for not having things what I wanted.
    5.) I learned how to cheat instead of working hard.

  13. 1. I became more lazy in doing school works
    2. I easy got distracted when i’m doing school stuffs.
    3. I seem to thirst for more
    4. I became desperate wanting for more.
    5. Instead of earning to get it, I steal to get it instead.

  14. Five negative effects of my dependence on material things:

    1.) I became unproductive.
    2.) I’ve spent so much money.
    3.) I often feel jealous for other people having my desired object.
    4.) I felt sorry for myself for not having everything that I want.
    5.) I tend to blame my family if they can’t give something that I considered as my ‘need’ that is actually a ‘want’.

  15. The 5 bad effects of my dependence on material things are the following:

    1. I became lazy on doing school works and household chores
    2. I became less productive
    3. I get jealous to those people who have the things I want
    4. I’m not satisfied with what I have, instead I want to have more things/gadgets
    5. I get mad when I don’t get to buy things I want

  16. 5 negative effects of dependence on material things:
    1. too much expensive
    2. being selfish or greedy
    3. being lack of spiritual values
    4. being unproductive
    5. being careless

  17. Five negative effects of my dependence on material things

    1. I became desperate.
    2. I became lazy in doing everything
    3. Spent so much Money
    4. being less Passionate
    5. I became Extremely Unproductive.

  18. Five negative effects of my dependence on material things:

    1. I become greedy over things and money so I can satisfy myself
    2. I become frustrated to achieve or get the things I want to have
    3. I’m becoming less mindful over things that I want and I need
    4. I take things for granted
    5. I become lazy and I want to have things as easy as 1..2..3

  19. 1. It makes me lazy.
    2. Having a bad habit that it takes more time in material things.
    3. I didn’t communicate with my old friends because i was focus on technology.
    4. I spent so much time and money.
    5. I didn’t get along to my family.

  20. 5 bad effects of my dependence/reliance on material things:

    1. I tend to become ungrateful and discontented for what I have.
    2. I became a huge procrastinator and unproductive.
    3. I feel so bad not getting the things I want that I sometimes become self-centered.
    4. I choose not to exert too much effort on works at times and rely on the use of technology instead.
    5. I spent so much money even on unnecessary things.

  21. I noticed that there has been numerous negative effects of technology to my lifestyle;

    First is I became dependent. Like you have said as a student I have been reliant to online-sources, information, data and such to help me deal with schoolworks.

    Second is that I became less active since internet has been spoon-feeding me all the resources, there is no need for me to actually engage to such experiences for me to acquire knowledge.

    Third ofcourse I become exposed to fake news so it affects my thinking, perception and principle as a student.

    Fourth technology makes a side of me that it is okay not to work things out as long as I have internet. And it makes me create an ideal aelf of me that could pass to someones standards and it is not healthy at all.

    Lastly, I noticed that I am losing myself on the process of converging to that techy-side of me and I think it could’ve been helpful if I learned to limit myself.

  22. 1. The lazyness in my body is doubled.
    2. I’ve spent a lot of money just to satisfy myself.
    3. Having a hard time communicating to others because of my addiction in computer games.
    4. Being less passionate.
    5. I take things for granted.

  23. We know that technology are the reason why we innovate and we develop as a person, country and even everything this help us a lot and give us materials that give what we want in any way but some of us only know the good effects of it but the real thing is there is some bad effects too that might affect ourselves and even our future. this is is the five bad effects of technology and different materials to us focusing in Philippines:
    1. we are being more sensitive. because we are more dependent in our material and we used every kind of technology platform we think that what we are going to do will affect our surrounding and it is true so we overthink and share some idea that it don’t really need to be share because of that it affects the human interaction and emotion and lead to a miserable result.
    2. the materials and technology stuff that we have make us more do something with less effort this is bad because this thing will not improve us and develop us to a better and knowledgeable person.
    3. because of the materials and technology that are improving always we attempt to always demand some things that are too high even when we are only a mediocre person this is bad because we are not being contented in what we have and because we are demanding we always do something that is possible to do to reach that goal positively and negatively and the result may be a miserable one too.
    4. and because of material and technology also we tend to be more selfish because we want something we tend to think for our self only we didn’t sometimes think of what the other think of us that is so very sad.
    5. We are being too much away in our real self and even in our family.

  24. 1.Shifting of my moods if i didn’t get what i wanted to buy or get.
    2. I became more lazy in doing School works.
    3.Being Unproductive
    4.I spent too much money for nothing (things that u dont need to buy)
    5. Forgetting the meals

  25. Ralph Darryl Oliva

    Technology isn’t always to blame for becoming lazy and having the negative factors in our lives; thus it should be ourselves. But there are always factors how the technology can make our lives devastated like what it has done to my self.

    First, being a materialistic makes want another and the latest gadgets ended up being broke and buying my wants over my needs.

    Second, myself on relying on technology for our research and we don’t learn anymore because what are we doing right now is just ctrl+c everything we see on the internet.

    Third, technology makes us forget our responsibilities and made us forget the chores we have to do in our home.

    Fourth, we are losing connections to our family, we are always focusing on phone.

    Fifth, We tend to become unrealistic to everything, what we see on the internet makes us feel that we are lacking and we should stive more to get what we want instead of needs.

  26. 1.Being Unproductive
    2. Forgetting the meals
    3. Shifting of my moods if i didn’t get what i wanted to buy or get.
    4. I became more lazy in doing School works.
    5.I spent too much money for nothing

    -khrysshia domingo

  27. Five negative effects of my dependence on material things
    1.) I prioritize materials things than myself.
    2.) I became lazy at home and in school works.
    3.) I become a selfish person.
    4.) Spending on things that i don’t really need.
    5.) I spend my time more on stuff and gadgets.

  28. The 5 bad effects of my dependence on material things are the following:

    1. Procastination
    I tend to ignore and spent more time on the things i really want. I don’t think on my own ideas, i’m too dependent on online-sources information. I don’t search for other references such as books.
    2. Less interaction with my friends and family
    You spent too mucn time on the internet or the things that you want.
    3. Spent too much money for my wants
    Some of technology is expensive and not a budget friendly but we want this so even we don’t afford it, we’ll still buy
    4. Wanting for more
    We don’t have contentment in the things we already have. We are wanting for more.
    5. I lost focus on the things that i prioritize
    I get easily distracted in using my phone and ignore things that i should prioritize.

  29. 5 negative effects of dependence on material things on me

    1.)I become lazy
    2.)I spent lot of money because of technology
    3.)I become greedy
    4.)I forget to eat my lunch
    5.)I become hot headed

  30. Dan Rafael M. Domingo
    INF 181

    After reading this article, I’ve list 5 negative effects dependence on material things

    1. With technology, I am being lazy. Materialism has a big impact on my life especially in doing various activities in school, houses and other related events.

    2. I am being discontented what i have. Environment has trigger this attitude because I might saw different things that i wanted to have to other people.

    3. I am losing the chance to have a great relationship with others. Family, friends and known people because of excessive use of technology especially in social media sites that I gradually used.

    4. The quality of the work is not substantial. Technology specifically in researching has a good impact but in this situation, we tend to search everything in the internet with just a simple word, phrase or questions because we want to have it easy but in the long run, it will not help you to comprehend what your doing.

    5. Through technology, we are losing our trust and confidence within ourselves. Internet is already embedded in our life that’s why we tend to ask and rely everything in the internet.

  31. INF181

    Technology rapidly invades our world. We are all up to the different kinds of it. What if these technologies became a monster to our life? How can it affect us?

    Mobiles, Smartphones, Computers, Laptops, and many more technological advancements are all part of us being a materialistic person. It slowly captures us from the real world in different modes.

    First, it separates us from our Family. Too much love of materials that we don’t actually need makes us digitally far from the people who actually are just right beside us.

    Second, too much reliance on these earthly things makes us more vulnerable. It exposes our lives especially when we overuse such capabilities.

    Third, being materialistic is naturally impractical to the society and class we are in. It costs more and is actually a product of envy.

    Fourth, obsession to these materials makes us unproductive especially in our school. It sometimes serves as a distraction to our education.

    Lastly, It portals us to the virtual world in which most us choose to stay and leave the real world. Sad, but that’s the reality for most, especially for the youth.

  32. Arrianne Joaquin
    INF 181

    This article made me list down 5 things regarding the negative effects on dependence on Material Things.
    First, Whenever I use gadgets/technology, yes I’m becoming lazy. Also, materialism affects my life, second is when I’m in school i used to be lost at times. Third, when I’m home, i usually spent most of my times in my room on my phone. Fourth, i tend to spend too much money for the things I want. Fifth, I just prioritize the things I want not the things I need.

  33. 1. Dependence on material things lead is or me to be lazy
    2. Wanting more and upgrade your material things
    3.less time for family and study
    4.Spending more money
    5.out of place because you always on your phone

  34. Coloma cristian INF181
    1) material dependent can cause greed
    2) it can cause insecurities
    3) it makes you broke
    4) gives you temporary happiness
    5) lack of friends

  35. 1. Become lazy on doing school works, in homeworks, and etc.
    2. Lack of contact with other people.
    3. Waste of time, and spent a lot of money.
    4. Being unproductive
    5. forgetetting to eat lunch

  36. Social media has a big impact in every people lives, especially to many students who are using it everyday in a huge span of time. It can be a source of rapport to other people by means of communicating. We may also be updated in every aspects of news by simply scrolling on facebook and other media. But on the other hand, students can be addicted in social media and may cause of failing grades.

  37. Dependent on material things can lead us to
    Lack of socialization
    Less time for the family
    Spending more money that can lead us to poverty
    Become lazy
    Health problems

  38. I believe that the truth is the most important in our Globalization. It helps individual to choose to stay in the right path. Truth makes each of us to become more better or lift in many things. Truth can hurt but cures and to clarify us. Spread the truth, it’s hard to drown in the full of lie

  39. 1. i think of my things more than myself
    2.being selfish
    3.spending to much in money and can lead being broke
    4.getting mad the things i didnt get
    5.not being grateful

  40. Five negative effects of my dependence on material things
    1. I procrastinate a lot scrolling around on social media that it makes me cram every tasks I had tomorrow morning.
    2. I eagerly buy and overspend too much to things that isn’t relatively important or necessary to me just to satisfy my desires which probably makes me a compulsive buyer.
    3. I rely too much on my phone to everything that it made me less attentive to my surroundings and to people around me.
    4. Having expensive things made me less grateful to things that I receive when it doesn’t reach my expectations especially when it is a lot cheaper than what I have now.
    5. Being materialistic makes me envy people who have things that I didn’t have.

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