The Return of Crisostomo Ibarra

What if events from Noli Me Tangere is retold in a modern twist? Catch another take on Dr. Jose Rizal's classic masterpiece, written by MAR142

Scene: 1

Maria Clara Clara reading those conversations she had with Crisostomo Ibarra five months ago.

Maria Clara Clara: My beloved Maria Clara Clara (w/rosy chicks).

Mr. Santiago: (coming) hey Maria Clara you’re not being lazy by reading and reading those conversations on Facebook.

Maria Clara Clara: No daddy, I do not! Every time I read our conversations I’m always gaining strength to have a better living.

Mr. Santiago: Maria Clara, don’t be nervous about what news I heard.

Maria Clara Clara: What is it daddy?

Mr. Santiago: Ibarra will going back here in the Philippines we talked on Skype.

Marie Clara: What? Is it true (jumping w/ a smiley face)

Mr. Santiago: yes is true. (Smiles)

Maria Clara Clara: I’m so happy dad. I’m so excited to see him.

Mr. Santiago: Next Sunday he will arrived here in manila. We will it at buffet 101.

Maria Clara Clara: Thank you so much dad for supporting our relationship.

o : No problem Maria Clara, I’m doing this because I wanna make you happy.

Maria Clara Clara : thank you so much dad ! I love you dad ! (she kiss his dad)

2nd scene

when ibarra is about to arrive.

Ibarra to (tyago): im here at the airport. Where are you?

Tyago: wehere here at EDSA. Its a little bit traffic. Please wait till we get there.

Ibarra: okay ill wait for you guys here at the Starbucks.

Tyago: seen While waiting at the Starbucks, Ibarra is looking at the pictures of him with Maria Clara Clara. And he was so happy and missed her so much.

Ibarra: after this years im going to see her again. The love of my life. I missed her so much.(while looking at their pictures) While tyago and Maria Clara Clara is on their way at the airport. (Convo of tyago and Maria Clara Clara.)

Maria Clara Clara: Dad I’m so excited! It’s been a long time. (So happy)

Tyago: Yes! Its been a long time and you’re going to see him again. Im so happy for you two. When Tyago and Maria Clara Clara arrived at the airport. Tyago texted Ibarra that they arrived at the airport.
Tyago: Where here at the airport. Maria Clara Clara is so excited to see you na.

Ibarra: okay. Im on my way there. Wait for me. While ibarra is walking, Maria Clara Clara saw him and they have an eye to eye contact and they both smiled at each other. Maria Clara Clara run to him and hug him so tight. And said :

Maria Clara Clara: i missed you so much christomo my love!!

Ibarra: I missed you too my love. (Kiss each other)( solid laplapan)

3rd scene

On their way to the Buffet 101…

Ibarra: I really missed you, Maria Clara and Tito Tyago!

Mr. Santiago and Maria Clara: We missed you too, Crisostomo!

Ibarra: So tell me.. How’s life here in the Philippines? You know. I’ve been gone here for a very long time.

Mr. Santiago: Well since it’s traffic, Maria Clara’s gonna tell you a very long story about her life here when you were not here. HAHAHA!

Maria Clara: Oh okay! Haha… Well Cristomo, my life here was so productive. Like I was always waiting for your return here in the Philippines. But as I wait, I get bored. And so I just made myself productive. I read books, took good care of our garden, did the household chores, etc. However, whenever I’m done with my daily activities, my whole remaining time goes to Facebook! You know! It’s my way of seeing the love of my life! Hehe

Ibarra: Oh I see! I’m so touched by that my love!

Maria Clara: How about you, love? How’s your life? Ibarra: Well, almost the same with you. Except that I took gardening and do the household chores. You know me Maria Clara! I’m the master of laziness! HAHAHAHAA

Maria Clara: HAHAHA! You’re kidding!

Ibarra: How about my future Father-in-law? How’s life, Tito?

Mr. Santiago: Oh! Let’s talk about it on another day! My tummy’s smelling the buffet already! We’re almost there, anyway!

Ibarra: Oh I see! Me too! I also miss the Filipino menu! Mmmmmmmm!

4th scene

Buffet 101

Ibarra: Tito Mr. Santiago, Maria Clara..I will pay everything, i Have a lot of money here in my Credit card

Mr. Santiago: Are you sure for that?

Ibarra: of course tito I’ve been gone for so long here in the Philippines and i missed you so much that’s why its my treat today

Maria Clara: ohh thank you Crisostomo, my Love  (After a few moments)

During their Lunch, Crisostomo sits beside Maria Clara, and they talk about sweet conversation.

Ibarra: you know Maria Clara, no words can express my feelings right now, because we’ve met again after a long time ago (sabay kiss sa pisnge)

Maria Clara: ohh you’re so sweet My Love.. Iloveyou

Ibarra: Iloveyoutoo

Mr. Santiago: uheemm uheemm (cough)


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