Book Review: Signed, B by H. Bentham

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TITLE: Signed, B

AUTHOR: H. Bentham

RATING: ☆☆☆☆ (4/5)

A copy was given to me by the author itself. So, thanks Mr. Bentham!

I have finished this poetry book in one sitting and I totally totally enjoyed it. The poems speaks to me and I can totally relate in most of them. They each has a story to tell, each line bursts full of emotion and feels.

The way it is written, you know that they really comes from the author’s heart and soul. You can feel the sincerity, the emotions, the way he wants to express what he wanted others to feel. This collection is his heart and soul. And I think that he is one of the new kids on the block were going to look out for.

Among all the poems in this book, there are poems that really calls me and make me feel things. So, here is my top 5 and some lines from it:

CERTAIN PEOPLE LEAVE A MARK – (This is my favorite! This is so me. )

“I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I’m afraid. There’s a whole lot of other stuff out there that I know would explode if I make a single move. God knows how much I love you but I just can’t pretend not to hear God telling me this is wrong. If this is really love, then maybe people are over acting about love being the greatest magic there is. If not, then I guess you’ve become my limerent object. I had just realized this: limerence really does make people stupid.”


“I thought you said you wanted to be different. So why are you struggling to fit in? To dress the same, to weigh the same, To be the same as them?”

Stand for one night

“But the end is always there, waiting. Release; swim to the surface; gasp a lungful of air. Lie for an hour; ignore the warmth dropping; Count down the mere minutes you are spared.

Then go back to the world as if nothing happened Become another stranger, a face with no name. Unless one finds out a flicker or spark Stemming from your left shoulder, now smeared with a mark.”

= “You are my equivalent.”

“It means there’s neither giver, nor receiver No beneath, no over No ‘love you more’, no ‘love you most’ both are driving; both are lost
It means that you’re just as powerful as I am weak And the lowest I could possibly fall is your peak.”


“But your voice is stronger. Leading me. Calling unto me. Never leaving me blind; Never leaving me behind.”


I hope to read more from the author, this is my first time reading his work and I am glad to have read this collection of poems. It is such a delight to read works from Filipino authors. Congratulations, B! More soon.


** H. Bentham is a Filipino Author. He wrote “Guide for A Day” for Summer Feels, a #romanceclass Anthology; and “The Watch Repairman’s Son” in the multi-genre anthology Beyond Light and Darkness. He adores turtles and bettas, enjoying the slow, quiet companionship they provide.

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Marvin Gabriel

This struck me the most…

“I thought you said you wanted to be different. So why are you struggling to fit in? To dress the same, to weigh the same, To be the same as them?”