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From Sadness to The Magnificent Grand Scheme

In this understanding of the necessity of how things are, there is also the full understanding of how the unpleasant, of how negative consequence and such, are also a part of the system.

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LiMo: – “To be open to sadness is to be devoted to the reality of the moment. Rid of all its attachments, this sadness collapses in our attention. Devotion without an object. Tears of joy.”

Syl: – Most interesting indeed. 🙂 <3 🙂  I have been thinking about your sadness perception of me.

Essentially what you perceive in me is Earnestness. That is my essential nature, quality and focus, Along with Sobriety.  🙂 😀 […]

LiMo: – I figured you could relate… I relate to the seeming contradiction of “tears of joy”

Syl: – Ah, I don’t relate, (with the article,) I understand, but I definitely do not relate. I’ll explain:

For me, Everything, and I absolutely mean Everything in my life, since age 10, has been about Making Sense of Things. My start and ongoing focus is rooted in Awareness, its development and expansion, all in the pursuit of realistic perfection, which, in my first act of philosophising at that start, was defined as:

“Perfection is a State-of-Being, from which, if we had the power to change anything at all, we would not.”  – The Young Young Man

I have found that Perfection. Long since. To me the World, the Universe, the entire Grand Scheme, it all Makes Sense.

This is awesome, a source of inordinate Joy, Wonder, Awe, Grace and much More.


In this understanding of the necessity of how things are, there is also the full understanding of how the unpleasant, of how negative consequence and such, are also a part of the system. It’s how it works, how it is setup, how it needs to be, in service of the Universal Intent, the Intent of Developing and Enhancing Awareness.


To connect to sadness…

Sadness comes from the fact, and acute Awareness, that people suffer, and yes, they learn from the suffering, and yes, it serves the overall Universal Grand Scheme of assisting Awareness. However, as necessary as that mechanism is, it does not mean we have to use it. It has to be there, like a safety net, but we need not use it.

The sadness comes from: People Losing Out by Default!!!

They simply are not aware of the options, they simply do not know that there are other ways, other paths. They simply do not know how the System works, how the game works, and because of this unfortunate, but somewhat unavoidable reality, they lose out because they simply do not know how to play. They don’t know the “rules” of life. And this is sad.

But, this is not the major source of sadness. That comes from the consequences of Good-But-Not-Nice. Much in life is good, but isn’t nice. Usually that comes about because we don’tchoose to learn, and thus have to be prodded or motivated to learn in some way. Typically that motivation is via some form of not-niceness.

People have sad lives, lives of not much hope from their perspective, and all because, by default, they have lost out from simply not knowing. This is a monumental sadness. And as such, sadness is the largest energetic force in the world. I am aware of this.

But, and a huge but here. Just because I am aware of sadness, does not mean I feel it. I don’t as a rule. I cannot afford to. If I were to tap into that tremendous force, it would kill me. But that is only one side of things.

There is much More…

What’s missing from the article is the Magic and Magnificence of Attunement. Attunement and its glorious awesomeness is part of the Makes Sense Understanding. Attunement is a vital and essential part of the Grand Scheme. Attunement is how we surpass those limitations of self which are the cause of so much sadness. Attunement is how we get to know beyond what we have learned, beyond what we can know. Attunement is the connection to joy, to happiness, to fulfilment, to Rightness-of-Being and Fulfilment-of-Being. Attunement is the Path to that Independence-of-Being that liberates us from the tyrannies and enslavements of dependence, in whatever form that may take.

This aspect of the Grand Scheme, and the utter excellence, genius, wonder, and brilliance of it, changes everything. How can we possibly be sad when everything is so fantastic? Only via indulgence, immersion, habit, or similar Awareness restrictions can we limit ourselves to feeling in ways that don’t enhance us.

In the end, when we become aware of the Grand Scheme, when we get an inkling of how it all could Make Sense, we also fully come to Understand that however it is that we feel, that feeling is our choice, and no other’s. Not the World, not the Universe, not any person or circumstance, but ours alone. This means our State-of-Being is our Responsibility, and ours alone. The consequence of this knowing, is that any unhappiness is really just indulging on our part. Unhappiness is thus just an expression of crappiness. And again, a function of (temporary) Loss-of-Awareness. Here sadness comes into it again.

“Sadness is a function of not having the awareness, to know happiness is our choice, and ours alone.”

And the More…

Once we realise and know all this, then the fun begins in earnest. Whatever is, whatever comes, is Good in some way or another. Because, well, the system is perfect, within the constraints of its purpose, the Purpose of Awareness.

This means, in this particular connection to sadness, in my particular case, the Leveraging of the Awareness, the sad Awareness of how people lose out by default, is an incredibly powerful shaping and defining force for me. And on me. If it were not for that Acute Awareness of the immense sadness caused by people losing out by default, and how it does not have to be so, even though it still leads to furtherance of the purpose of life, if it were not for my acute Awareness of all that is involved with this sad fact of life, I would not have developed a significant extension of my Philosophy of Appropriateness.

I would simply have gone in a purely personal direction. Easily done. But this connection led me to go further than my personal needs, and that has been wonderful. The entire Noble Ideal, and it’s consequent aspects, all come from that acute awareness and understanding of how people lose out by default. It is a profound Awareness and Understanding for me. This Magical Lever of Awareness is intimately connected to my natural Earnestness and Sobriety, to my desire, my imperative desire, to Understand and figure-things-out, to resolve, to get to the end of the puzzle. This connection, thus, to the sadness of people losing out, is a powerful and magical lever for me. One I am inordinately Appreciative of. I enjoy this leverage. That may sound strange, but, when one looks at it in the Grand Context, one sees the incredible Goodness, rightness, and stupendousness of the immense Value that all this brings. Brings to Me. I can only say for myself. To presume Value for others is an arrogance I cannot assume.

In relation to the article, the writer misses the perfection of it all. They miss how apparent imperfection is part of the perfection. They miss how a system, In Process, can be perfect. They miss how a system develops, and with each development, it is again perfect. Perhaps one might say, more perfect. They miss how perfect can be perfect, and how there are many different perfects, each one perfect. This is the Perfection of the Grand Scheme. And in that Grand Scheme, sadness is a perfect lever, a magnificent lever. All we need, like Archimedes, is a place to stand, in order to use that lever.

That place is Perspective and Understanding, that place, is the place of Awareness, the Awareness of How Things Work. If that perspective were to become part of the consciousness of the general world, part of the general vocabulary and awareness of the average person, much like the concept of Life is part of their knowing, then that losing out by default would radically change. There is absolutely no necessity for most people to lose out by default. The default settings for starting on the Path to Awareness, CAN be changed. Most absolutely. Default settings are most certainly not set in stone. And even if they were, we need but remember that previous default settings, set in stone, were smashed and broken. To me, there is a profound lesson and Awareness in that Understanding.

“If we do not Change, Adapt, Learn, Grow, how are we not doomed to being perpetual infants?”  – From: – Constant Reminders of the New Nobility

<3 🙂 <3

Syl: – Does that make Sense in relation to me and the perceived Sadness? I know, when one perceives according to what we know, according to what seems utterly obvious, it is hard to set aside that initial perception. But, all to often we can be entirely fooled by our perceptions, as they are entirely based on what we currently know, and not by what is. Reality and perception are not always the same. Lol, probably not even generally, and probably, mostly not. 🙂 😀

LiMo: – Ok…

I did however sense attunement in what they wrote, as I interpreted it… it was all about attunement, in the sense of the sadness…  ” When you have the maturity to keep the sadness, there is a certain ascent to the source. ” …this to me is attunement… as well as Tears of Joy is attunement, yes?

Idk about what I felt with you… it’s no longer something I ponder on, I guess I accept that I was the one that “felt something” …so it was me not you

Syl: – Yes, there is some Attunement in the article, but to me, they were not really expressing the Joy of Attunement, or the Attunement to the joy-of-things. Attunement to, tears of joy, is only partial Attunement, as I see matters.

Ah, on what you perceived in me, that is me also. It’s just a complex perception, and sadness is the closest, and it is a fair perception. Getting to Earnestness, Sobriety and Awareness of sadness, because of Losing-out-by-Default, isn’t a perception usually expected in others, so it gets replaced with sadness, which is the closest. All good.

After you mentioned that perception, I discussed it with Dear Friend, and you were not the only one with the sadness perception. So All Good. And lol, I will endeavour to change what I project, if I can do so without compromise. Don’t want to be making others sad because of mis-perception. 🙂 😀 I am too happy a person, even if predominantly Earnest and Sober. I derive much Joy from my Earnestness, and I treasure and enjoy my Sobriety. <3 Haha, just my particular weirdness. But, works for me. <3

LiMo: – We have to have integrity… and you do…

Syl: – 🙂 😀 Thx Glad to have had a chance to go into the sadness perspective. 🙂 😀 Like how it came out as connection to the Grand Scheme. Unrelated, but I was thinking of that all night. About how I like to connect anything at all to the Grand Scheme, and then from there, I can connect to anything else. Nice to see those connections, and nice to live in them. 🙂

LiMo: – I was thinking of that also, as we walked today, when we do accept that somehow it does all, “make sense,” this acceptance alone is a great relief, in an inexplicable way… it’s a beliefless belief, I guess.

Syl: – Yes!!! But it is more than that…

LiMo: – “What you resist, persists. What you embrace, you transform.” – Carl Jung

Syl: – Once we Assume that Perspective, that it all does Make Sense, just assume, just treat that Perspective as a Maybe, then that is enough.

Just being open to the idea and the possibility is enough. For once we are open to the World and Life and the Universe, existing in a way that Makes Sense, then we start to be open to noticing how it Might Make Sense.

And now we are on a Path. A glorious and wondrous Path. Now we constantly ask, IF it were to Make Sense, how would this or that, or what we experience, Make Sense? And once we ask that question, we start to look, to explore, to see. We notice how it could, how it might, Make Sense. And the more we do this, the more everything Does Make Sense. And what a most excellent and fulfilling Path to be on. We might not see how it All Makes Sense, not yet. But after being on that Path for a while, that Path where more and more does Make Sense, how can we not be overjoyed? What a direction and destination we are headed toward! But the most awesome part of it all, is that just Being on that Path to Make Sense, is enough to bring abundant Joy and Fulfilment!! <3 🙂 <3

Yes exactly on Carl. 🙂 😀 And when it comes to a Default Setting, it is THIS that I would like to change. If there is just one simple little tweak I could make to the current code of the world, to the default settings of humans, it is just to have the openness to the idea that the world and life and the Universe, could, Make Sense. Just adding that awareness of this as a viable possibility, one that many believe, but one the individual can go and check out and test and verify for themselves, that is the Default Setting I would like to see. The Setting of the Possibility, and then the checking and self-verifying, that indeed, it does all Make Sense. I would like to see the setting set in such a way, that each individual comes to this most awesome of understandings and Awarenesses by themselves, for then it is that this Understanding blooms into its full power, and brings such awesome joy and wonder. To simply believe it all Makes Sense because others say so, that is not nearly enough, and really, it’s no good at all. But, as a starting point, if that were to be the result, it would still be exponentially better than the default settings currently in place.

When it comes to the Default Setting and how things Make Sense, belief is Not required. We merely have to be aware of the possibility. Going out into the world and verifying how it does Make Sense is relatively simply done. But only if we are completely open and believe that it Could Make Sense. There are sadly many who are utterly convinced, that Could Make Sense, in some way, is a complete impossibility. And this is an inordinate sadness. What a hell of a belief.

Just imagine a world where the prevailing and predominant mindset is one of figuring out how things DO Make Sense? How awesome would that be? And then all the discussion, discoveries, explanations, and understandings are of how people have figured out how it actually Does Make Sense. How incredible would that be? It would be like the discoveries of science, but applied to the spirituality of the World. How absolutely fantastic a world would that be to live in? What a Dream!!! <3  🙂 <3 Gives me great Joy to know that it Will be a reality at some point. There is no way it can Not become so. The reality of things, fortunately, always has a way of coming to the fore. <3

 “Awareness cannot be denied.” – Biella Noble


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