If I'm asked to define Elvis in a six-word sentence, I would say "Elvis is a man of optimism". Yes, he's very optimistic; one he sets a goal and gets it. very courageous, Full of life and vibrancy. My view…

DILEMMA by Johnbest

If I’m asked to define Elvis in a six-word sentence, I would say “Elvis is a man of optimism”. Yes, he’s very optimistic; one he sets a goal and gets it. very courageous, Full of life and vibrancy. My view of him was vetted the night we met, the same night fate entwined us both.

I was a seventeen years old lad. “what do I know of life…?”  to me, life was just waking from bed every morning… a spoilt rich brat and then zooms off to school.

At times, silly me, I wish… “life would be to sleep from dusk to dawn and to dusk; then to dawn again”.

My life altered, the night a 17year old boy pointed a short rifle at my face. That was on May 5th, 1999 (9:55 pm).

Mum and dad travelled for a business trip, I was left with uncle McManus at home. A very ferocious man; it’s either you bend to his will voluntarily, or do so forcefully.

staying with him was no fun, Poor me… I was engrossed in self-pity.

“Hey, come here Callum boy!” holding a bottle of white whisky in his left and a cigarette in his right.

“Hmm, uncle McManus… I can’t”

“You can’t what…?”

He was about pounding on me when the sound of cranking burglary proof outside of the sitting room stopped him. we stood quietly and listened with heart pounding.

“Uncle McManus, that looks like a break in…” before I could complete the sentence he zoomed off. Left alone I stood trembling… waiting for what fate would be.

Alas! the bugler entered with a gun aimed at my face. at the sight of him, my eyes bulged out. The hand that held the gun was that of a little boy.. my age or maybe younger.

All fear left me. “Ehnn…hmm…what do you want…? I mean take whatever you want”

“See, I’m not going to shoot you. Not until you give me a reason to. I need money for my mum’s cancer operation” He said; with hands shaking and heart throbbing. I could hear the beat from steps away.

Pity welled up inside me. getting money for your mum’s cure this way is not the right thing to do. you’re putting your future in jeopardy by carrying arms at this age. What if you get caught?”

we stared at each other silently. “Drop the gun,” I said gently.

10YEARS AFTER: At the University of Nigeria Convocation Ceremony.

“Hey, Elvis! Congrats on your convocation, our Convocation I mean” I said smiling as we shook hands.

“Yah Callum, congrats too. I have you to thank for my achievements today. Had you not lied to you dad ten years ago…of how I saved you from robbers, I would not have been listed in your dad’s company scholarship”

“Forget that, had you not broke into my house ten years ago, I wouldn’t have gotten a friend and a brother,” I said to him.

“Yes, though I lost my mum to cancer. I gained a family in yours.” We hugged so tightly i taught we would suffocate.

We drew apart, “Congrats Doctor Callum,”  He said, looking into my eyes.

“Congrats Barrister Elvis” I replied.


Don’t judge anyone just yet, based on their actions. Rather, judge them based on the dilemma and hidden choices behind their actions.

From #Itz_Johnbest

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