10 reasons why you should study Rizal (Hugot version)

Ever since we're young, we’ve been taking a lot of introductory lessons about our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. He was probably the most popular Filipino hero of all time since he’s always emphasized during our Hekasi, History, and Araling Panlipunan days.

Ever since we’re young, we’ve been taking a lot of introductory lessons about our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. He was probably the most popular Filipino hero of all time since he’s always emphasized during our Hekasi, History, and Araling Panlipunan days. During our 3rd year and 4th-year Highschool or should I say Grade 9 and 10 for K12 students, students go deeper with the two famous novels of Rizal which are Noli me Tangere and El filibusterismo. The mentioned novels were tackled chapter by chapter to ensure full understanding of what is the narrative all about. Just when we thought we are over with too much information about Rizal, Republic Act 1425 of Philippine law requires the life, works, and writings of Rizal in the curricula of all public and private universities and colleges in the country. It seems like learning the same thing all over again and you might find it a little bit redundant. Some of you who are about to take this course or even just wondering why do you have to enroll in this class when you are already bombarded with numerous information about Rizal might want to take a look into this 10 reasons why we should study Rizal (Hugot Version).

1.    You’ll wonder about the past.

The reason why we can’t move on is we keep on dwelling on the things and events that already happened just like studying Rizal, but in a positive way. Exploring the life and works of Rizal would give you a better vision of what is it like during the Spanish era and how Filipino’s deal with it.

2.    You’ll realize how important communication is.

There have been a lot of miscommunication issues with Rizal. In life, it is very important to have a clear delivery of what you want to say to avoid misunderstandings. Imagine if Rizal had actually put things in the proper process, imagine what could have happened if he achieved what he really wanted. Let that sink in.

3.    You’ll Prove that too much love will kill you.

Jose Rizal’s love for the country led him to his execution. It was such a heroic act of sacrificing his own life for an accusation and being a role model in the rebellion of the Filipinos.

4.    You’ll think of what if’s.

One of the most painful things in life is to continually wonder what if’s. Studying Rizal could give you a lot more what if’s in life. What if he got a wife? What if he did not study abroad? What if he just told the Spaniards his real intentions? Things like that. 

5.    It will inspire you to think differently.

We’ve always been thought that Rizal is an iconic hero because he fought with his writings instead of violence like using the mind over strength. When we think about it, we could really do things our way. It depends on us on how we will act in certain situations we are in. 

6.    It will give you a different view of Rizal.

Just like when someone is courting you or when you are courting someone, former learning’s about Rizal was all rainbows and butterflies. But when you’ve taken this subject, you’ll discover secrets and things you’ve never thought of Rizal. **insert evil laugh here** **HAHAHA***

7.    You’ll get to know Rizal better.

There are times when you thought you knew it all but soon you’ll realize how dumb you are to believe such things. (I’m gonna stop it right there because it would probably turn out a cringe-worthy hugot line and you’ll start rolling your eyes on this part. So, yeah.) The truth is, everything we’ve learned from Rizal was just a mere sentence of his whole life.

8.    You’ll understand the relationship of the other Filipino heroes with Rizal.

We all know who are they individually but we are not given the whole context of how they are connected with each other. Studying Rizal will give you part of the whole context on how they are related to each other.

9.    It would build the inner revolutionary in you.

Not like you’ll have to fight like Rizal or KKK’s but it could get you interested in the current national issues since you’ll know how our heroes fought for our freedom. Just like Rizal, You could do it in your own unique way.

10. It is stated in our laws.

Let’s be frank here, you can’t escape this course when your studying in the Philippines. As mentioned earlier RA 1425 requires us to do so. It could be a really fun and exciting experience just give it a chance. Judging and hating it wouldn’t do you any good though. So just enjoy the wonders of the life and works of Rizal. 


Given the above-mentioned reasons for studying the Rizal course, list down five benefits you got from studying this subject.


  1. Well writen and Rizal has always been one of my favorite minors to take. So much insight on our rich history and famed hero.

  2. Emmanuel Colobong Barcelona · Student at National University
    Emmanuel III C. Barcelona
    FIN 144

    We should study Rizal because RIZAL FIRMLY BELIEVED THAT THE YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF OUR NATION. The national hero believed that the youth or the new generation should realize that they should take on the responsibility of helping the nation achieve the social change that we had fought for since then. We, the youth, is given the gift of life and the talents by God. We should always embody the ideals of Rizal since he is the perfect example of a refined Filipino, whose contribution did so much impact in the society. Therefore, we should be the spark change that Rizal wanted us to be, the movers of the society that will make a difference in the future.

  3. FIN144
    Charlene Louise Mendoza
    5 Benefits

    1) it gives rich source of entertaining narratives

    2) it provides essential life lessons

    3) it teaches patriotism

    4) it helps us understand better ourselves as Filipinos

    5) it provides insights of freedom and nationalism

  4. Jane Suzette Vidallon
    5 Benefits

    1. It helps us understand better ourselves as Filipinos.

    2. t teaches nationalism and patriotism.

    3. By studying and understanding the life of Rizal, people will becomeaware of the ethics that the country created upon.

    4. Rizal can serve as a worthwhile model and inspiration to every Filipino.

    5. it provides insights of freedom thru reforms and not by arms confrontation.

  5. Viviane Mikhaela Orille

    1) know why he is the hero many of us looked up and idolised.

    2) know why filipinos have the guts and the courage to stand up fo thereselves

    3) doing the things you love and the things you’re fighting for to be come more worthy

    4) you can do an act that can lead to a better future (deep but yes you can do it be one of the people doing different things for the nation, it’s a free country after all just think before you act/do.)

    5) you will know him more, learn about his life and know why he became a hero.

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