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You know, here in India, we don't have that fashion of leaving a tip at a hotel or restaurant.  We just do it at the bar. Yesterday evening I left the biggest tip of my life for this guy. He…

Watch closely… there’s a story right around the corner, waiting for your attention!


You know, here in India, we don’t have that fashion of leaving a tip at a hotel or restaurant.  We just do it at the bar. Yesterday evening I left the biggest tip of my life for this guy. He used to work at my site earlier now he works as a waiter…

So I happened to stop at this hotel to have some coffee after being completely exhausted over a phone call.. I entered the place and I saw this guy.. I gave him a look because he left his work at my place without any intimation. But I asked him to get me a cup of coffee and I did not say or talk anything to him. I was just trying to mind my own business. Throughout the time I stayed there. This guy’s eyes were on my table. He served me with the world’s best hospitality without any proper education about it. Every once in a while I used to look at him (because obviously, I can’t ignore seeing him again) and I saw that this guy was just standing in the corner and he kept looking at me.. The moment he saw me looking at him, he immediately looked down. He did not look anywhere else other than my table but he did not make an eye contact with me either. My keys fell off the table once and he just came in so fast and grabbed it and wiped it off and gave it back to me. No eye contact even now.. He was just looking down.. People kept calling him from behind for some other work but he did not move..kept them all on hold till I was finished and he only looked down every time I looked at him. The reason is that maybe he was feeling sorry for leaving without informing me.

But I’ll tell you something?

I was the one who was to be blamed for him. His world’s best hospitality and attention at my table when all he did was look down every time I looked at him.. It was killing me. I did not deserve that respect or hospitality from him. The reason why he left working at my place was that the others who worked there they kept bullying him?They always made him feel that he was less important and his work was less important and stuff like that.. Sometimes they even abused him.. I knew about it but I was way too occupied with my own work and I thought it was best for me to not participate in this. I thought they will sort out their differences all by themselves only..  But they didn’t and one day this guy left…and I saw him yesterday. I can’t tell you guys how incompetent I felt after seeing him still so modest. He was punishing me with his best behavior (even though he did not know about it).The whole guilt that I had to go through.. For not stopping this one thing that was going on right in front of me was just so painful.. I mean how can I be so ignorant for so long that this guy had to leave the work at my site? People come, people go. It’s not a big deal and I don’t have to overthink so much too but I somehow wish I could control my mind..

Before I left that hotel, I left him his one month salary at my place as a tip. Just to balance the guilt of not helping him when I could have.. When I should have !!

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