Visiting the Philippines is big fun. Perfect beaches. Friendly locals. Beautiful nature. Plus, it’s a cheap country to travel; you’ll get great value for your money.

Philippines islands and beaches are … heaven. Paradise. Amazing. No kidding. You can hardly find better beaches in the world than there.

The queen of all the beaches is probably Boracay, a tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches and turquoise crystal-clear waters located about an hour’s flight from Cebu or Manila just off the larger Philippines island of Panay.

For beach connoisseurs, Boracay competes with the best beaches in more popular destinations such as the Caribbean and the South Pacific as well as neighboring Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. For those wanting to just lounge around and top up their tan, beachfront hotels usually have lounge chairs set up just a few steps away from the hotel entrances. The more active will appreciate water sports and activities such as sailing, windsurfing, and snorkeling, diving and jet skiing. The fun in Boracay doesn’t end when the sun sets. The nightlife pulsates with many bars and restaurants serving food, drink, and fun until the wee hours of dawn.

That’s what everyone believed.
Now, Boracay has been tainted.
Boracay has been contaminated with fecal coliform from human waste. The excessive algae growth caused by sewage being directly dumped into the waters began to appear.
The main beach road has also become crowded with tricycles, shuttle services of resorts, and private vehicles.

The increase of private establishments in the Boracay Island and the poor monitoring and enforcement of environmental laws have resulted in massive environmental damage in the island, which threatens the viability of the island as a prime tourist destination.

Another tropical paradise. El Nido, a dream place to spend your vacation because of its blue lagoon. White sand beaches, it’s clear and clean water, coral reefs, beautifully strange limestone formations,  its sunny weather and as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago, a group of islands with steep karst cliffs.

Nowadays, El Nido is threatened persistently with the problems of reducing water quality, lack of divisiveness, flooding, and the increase of informal settlers, business establishments and structures without a permit and other problems.

The water resources are gradually getting worse.
Because of who?
Who should be responsible?
Of course, US! PEOPLE! We are responsible for every single thing that we do.

Man-made disruptions to ecosystems can cause extinction, because pollution creates danger for both animals and people, and because mankind owes the natural world a moral obligation.
People must solve the problems which we give to Mother Nature.
How can people experience the beauty of the natural wonders of our country if it continues to shatter?
Let’s start again.
We are the beginning of change.
Preserve our nature.

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