TITLE: The Girl Who Chased the Moon

AUTHOR: Sarah Addison Allen

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

This is pure magic!!

There is a bit of magic in this book. And I adore the story. I love all the characters except for this annoying stepmom. The story is all about family secrets from generation to generation. This is an easy read and just amazing.

The grandfather Vance reminds me of Roald Dahl’s book the BFG, the big friendly giant. I love him he is so kind and the kind of grandfather anyone would like to have because he is just so good and really loves his family and his wife. When he tells the story of his wife I was a bit teary eyed.

I absolutely wanted Emily and Win to be together. Win’s family secret blew me away. I didn’t expected that. The turn of events was really something. I just can’t stop reading this till I find all the answers to my curiosity. Emily is adorable there’s something in her that amazes me. I love love Win for me he is one dashing boy! Very mysterious and a well mannered kid. Grandpa Vance’s revelation about what really happened before was shocking  [on how Emily’s mom take all the blame for Logan’s suicide, the thing about them glowing (btw it is very cool!) the exposure and all, her mom was not really the way people think she is.] Their story reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, family feud thing but in a quite different and magical way this is.

Julia on the other hand was this lady who has her own battles to fight. And I think in the end she has found a home right back where she really did come from. Sawyer was kind of funny, I like him and I think he really adores Julia. I love that they ended up being together. again! The lost daughter that comes as a surprise to me, all the while I thought Emily was their long lost daughter but it turned outit was really someone else. I just wish that there are more about the daughter and her reunion with her mother.

The ending was a blast, everything went very well. Emily and Win together I love! Grandpa and Emily belongs to each other together and I love how they spend each time together. Julia never left and have found solace in Sawyer again. The daughter I was excited to read the story about her life. I was expecting but damn! There isn’t any. I just wish there could be more I wanna know what happen!

Book was amazing. I love it. I wish I have the changing wallpaper too and some Mullaby lights that is.

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