I would have wanted my first dance with you.

I would have wanted my wedding march to be with you.

I would have wanted to walk the isle with you holding my hands.

I would have wanted you to have seen me create my own family.

I would have wanted you to carry your would be grandchildren.

But life is too short for you and I wish we could have spent them a little longer so you can see all of my dreams unfold.

I may not remember how you carry me in your arms, how you hug me when I cry, how you smile while you watched me sleep. I wish for more Papa. I am and will be forever grateful of what I have become because of you. I may not be the perfect daughter but I try to be a good and kind hearted person at least. I know I make you proud somehow.

Growing up without you is hard, I used to envy others who would go out and play with their fathers. I used to think why can’t I do that. Because you were taken away from me too early. Thankfully I have a lot of father figures surrounding me and I have feel all the love from your brothers. They made me feel the warmth and all the love, just like how you did when you where still here. I didn’t feel less knowing with you in here could mean so much more. I know you wanted more time here.

We will meet soon. For now I’ll be the best that I can be. You will remain in my heart, my first and my one and only.

Happy father’s day Papa. You know I love you, right??