Friendzoned (A letter for my lost best friend)

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Friendzoned ( A letter for my lost best friend)

Its already 3 in the morning and I’m still stuck with the memory of you. Regretting sending you that message. And even if I kept on reminiscing the past, it still brings me to the reality that there are things we couldn’t change and words we couldn’t take back.  So here I am with tears in my eyes writing a letter for you. Wishing that you could read this so you could know how I feel.

My dear friend I just want you to know that I never regret loving you. I never regret every single second I spent with you. What I regret is, I lost you without having the last chance to hug you. I regret losing you with a phone message. And I wish it wasn’t like that. I wish I had a chance to paint your face in my heart so I could remember the smile and not the tears as you leave. I wish I was able to see the fire in your eyes before it lost its spark.  I wish I was able to see you smile before your lips started to hide it. I wish I was able to hear your loud laugh before silence ate the entire place. I wish I was able to wave my hand as you walk towards me. But it never happened. And it will never happen.

I could still remember the first day we met. You were the one who wiped away my tears from my last heartbreak. You were the one who converted my sorrow into joy. You helped me stand again. You guided me and joined me on my new journey. You’ve been the reason why I wake up every the morning. And I could tell, you were the one who taught me how to start all over again. And now that you’re gone, tell me.. how could I start writing a new story without you?


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