My life has not been changed. All is the same. So why the difference now that you're really in the past,


How can it be that someone

I don’t see, 

only think 

about sometimes,

but never contact,

or try to,

leaves such a gap,

in their final leaving.

My life has not been changed.

All is the same.

So why the difference now

that you’re really in the past,

when you were already part of my past

and not of my future.

Nothing has changed for me,

not really,

not in reality.

So why do you occupy my thoughts

in a different way.

Why does my future feel different

now you cannot be part of it,

even though you never would be

and I knew it.

Perhaps because I can no longer

dream you there.

But why not

when you could never be there

and I knew it

the same then, 

as I know now.

Why is it different,


even to dream?

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Lynn White
I live in north Wales. I have been writing at various points in my life since I was in my teens. My work is influenced by issues of social justice and events, places and people I has known or imagined. I am especially interested in exploring the boundaries of dream, fantasy and reality.

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maryann ureta

I was so stressed with math i have to faced it because we need math in tha future.

Jennifer Asilo
Jennifer Asilo

Sometimes what you think is right today might be wrong tomorrow. So before deciding think hundred of times before doing so.

Glarenceeee Cammayo
Glarenceeee Cammayo

Glarence G. Cammayo, CIV191, Art Appreciation, Colors, MX, Contre-jour

Andrea Jamille
Andrea Jamille

[ESMANA ANDREA JAMILLE], [ESE191],[Art Appreciation] [Colors] [MX] [Contr-jour]

Renillie Encinares