Are you a closet-blogger? Someone who owns a blog but never had the confidence to put their blog sites out in the public? Someone who pours his/her heart out in writing literary pieces, but always felt afraid of being judged by others for it? Then, read through.

5 months ago, I was still a closet-blogger. I have always been. Ever since I started blogging, I never had the confidence to share it to the public because I always thought my writing wasn’t good enough.

Until 5 months ago, I poured my heart out on a blog post and I got featured at The Ugly Writers. Who would’ve thought? Getting featured along with tons of great writers around the globe was indeed a huge self esteem boost for someone who always thought her writing wouldn’t be appreciated by many.

Days and weeks have passed and the fire inside me was still well lit. Ignited, even. I continued writing and my works kept on getting featured, and my blog kept getting huge traffic. until such time that I became an official “Ugly Writer” and soon, editor.

Since then, all my works got appreciated by many. Even more, I realized that I am not alone. I am not the only one feeling this way and I could channel my heartaches and struggles into inspiring pieces that people could relate to. I am not a terrible writer after all and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

So here’s to all you, closet bloggers, like me. There are people who will understand and appreciate your work. It’s time to put your thought out for people to get inspiration from. We, The Ugly Writers, are here for you!

I wrote this as a tribute to The Ugly Writers, as a sign of gratitude for believing in me and for helping me and many others come out of the “blogging closet,” This is for all the opportunities and friends that this community has brought to me. I will forever be grateful!

Years and years, I hid my feelings. Written thoughts on paper or emotions translated into nameless blogs. But because of The Ugly Writers, I AM FINALLY OUT. LOUD AND PROUD. I AM AN UGLY WRITER!