Marge Villaester

There are words hidden under her skin. A 22-year-old aspiring writer whose name means something precious, A pearl. A researcher by profession and a writer by heart. Her dreams are too big for this town to fulfill, but she’s not backing down. She breathes ink and paper, she craves the smell of new books, and she spends her spare time writing her thoughts and reading others'. She doesn’t know what she really wants, since a lot has changed about her. But she’s much stronger now, strong enough to figure things out alone. You might know her today, but you’re not gonna recognize her tomorrow.

Bagong taon na, ayoko na

the ugly writers
Ayoko nang makausap ka, kasi sa bawat tawa mo naaalala ko yung mga panahon na ako pa ang dahilan ng iyong pagsaya. Ayoko nang malaman kung anong ginagawa mo, kasi wala akong ibang gustong gawin kundi ang kumapit sa iyo.

Dating Around

the ugly writers
What does dating around mean? Dating around means constantly jumping from dating one person to another (most of the time not by choice, I swear to God). This has become the current dating trend, going alongside the infamous “Hook up…

Work or Relationships

the ugly writers
Being a person who has always been good at balancing her time and setting her priorities straight, I never thought I'd be in a situation where I'd have to choose between two things that I really put so much effort…

Safe Lock

safe lock
The woman let out a sigh as she watched her daughter trying to open the container. She shook her head and took the medicine from her little baby. “Yes, those are medicines. And they are locked because naughty children like…