Marge Villaester

Marge Villaester

She breathes ink and paper. There are words hidden under her skin. A 23-year-old libra with a mouth that spurts out the most unconventional thoughts, feet that beg to climb the highest of mountains, hands that are always extended to others, eyes that see through the bad, and a heart which is poured out in these pages.

QuaranFLING – The New Normal

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Personally, I think quaranFLING is a terrible concept (as most of the concepts of modern dating are), but it is important that we do some self-reflection before complaining about it. Because honestly, as much as I hate the concept, I am guilty of participating and enjoying it too. I, too, have been talking to some people just because I am bored, without any intention of escalating it into something more.

Bagong taon na, ayoko na

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Ayoko nang makausap ka, kasi sa bawat tawa mo naaalala ko yung mga panahon na ako pa ang dahilan ng iyong pagsaya. Ayoko nang malaman kung anong ginagawa mo, kasi wala akong ibang gustong gawin kundi ang kumapit sa iyo.

The Beautiful and Sad Truth About Ghosting

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Ghosting,​ as we all know, is the act of suddenly ending a relationship by cutting off all means of communication without any explanation. If you're at the age of 30 or below, chances are you've been ghosted or you've ghosted someone before.

Dating Around

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What does dating around mean? Dating around means constantly jumping from dating one person to another (most of the time not by choice, I swear to God). This has become the current dating trend, going alongside the infamous “Hook up culture”.

Work or Relationships

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Being a person who has always been good at balancing her time and setting her priorities straight, I never thought I'd be in a situation where I'd have to choose between two things that I really put so much effort on.

Safe Lock

safe lock
The woman let out a sigh as she watched her daughter trying to open the container. She shook her head and took the medicine from her little baby. “Yes, those are medicines. And they are locked because naughty children like you might drink them without permission.” She chuckled.

What I Wish People Have Told Me Before Entering College.

This goes out to all the incoming college students around the globe and to my 16-year-old self. It’s that time of the year again when graduating highschool students are probably starting to think about what degree they’re going to take…

Words Can Hurt Or Heal. What Did Yours Do Today?

Not gonna lie, I still say shit about people until now, I am still a terrible person. I am just more mindful of my actions now. Because I know how bad it feels to want to stop feeling things and to feel desperate of getting rid of the pain.