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QuaranFLING – The New Normal

Personally, I think quaranFLING is a terrible concept (as most of the concepts of modern dating are), but it is important that we do some self-reflection before complaining about it. Because honestly, as much as I hate the concept, I am guilty of participating and enjoying it too. I, too, have been talking to some people just because I am bored, without any intention of escalating it into something more. …

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the ugly writers

The Beautiful and Sad Truth About Ghosting

Ghosting,​ as we all know, is the act of suddenly ending a relationship by cutting off all means of communication without any explanation. If you’re at the age of 30 or below, chances are you’ve been ghosted or you’ve ghosted someone before. …

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Words Can Hurt Or Heal. What Did Yours Do Today?

Not gonna lie, I still say shit about people until now, I am still a terrible person. I am just more mindful of my actions now. Because I know how bad it feels to want to stop feeling things and to feel desperate of getting rid of the pain. …

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