To The Woman He Chose (All The Letters I Never Had The Courage To Send)

To The Woman He Chose (All The Letters I Never Had The Courage To Send)

I always believed that nobody wanted to be the other woman.
Ideally, no girl probably wants to be the reason why another girl’s heart is shattered.
“Can you blame them,” they asked. “They just followed their heart and aimed for their own happiness.”
Okay, if it makes you happy taking another person’s happiness, then so be it. After all, we’re all just humans, selfish and ruthless. We go for whatever makes us happy, no matter the circumstances.

But why are the other women the braver ones in situations like this, may I ask?
You already got your happiness, after snatching it away from somebody. Why do you have to go out of your way to stomp repeatedly on the heart that you already broke?
I understand there must be a lot of reasons to be insecure of the woman he loved before you, but isn’t it enough that you’ve already taken away that one thing that was right in her world and enjoyed it even if it wasn’t even yours to begin with?

How does it feel checking on her profile like it’s the daily newspaper?
How does it feel looking at her photos and pointing out all of her flaws that you clearly have too?
How does it feel making your world revolve around her when she clearly doesn’t give a shit about you and her cheating ex boyfriend anymore?
Is it rewarding? An ego boost, even?

I respect your reasons as to why you did what you did.

“Nagmahal lang naman ako,”

Yeah right.

But all I ask of you, if it’s not too late yet, is for you to stop coming after someone who tried her best to move on after everything you’ve put her through. While you were starting a relationship with him, she was trying to start a relationship with herself.

She is trying her best to put herself back together. She fall and she stood, in more ways than one. She tries everyday not to question her worth and not to see herself through the eyes of those who made her feel ugly and unworthy. She gave way for you because she’s not the type to meddle on other people’s lives and most importantly, relationships. After all, he chose you. And she completely respects his decision. The least you can do is stop pestering her.

She allowed you to be happy with the happiness that was her own, do her a favor and let her be. Allow her to live the peaceful life that you deprived her for so long.

Also, please do yourself a favor and focus on yourself. Stop making fake accounts to stalk her. Stop sending her anonymous messages. Stop incorporating yourself to everything that she does and say.

She sacrificed her sanity to give you your happiness and she deserves it too.

Marge Villaester

She breathes ink and paper. There are words hidden under her skin. A 23-year-old libra with a mouth that spurts out the most unconventional thoughts, feet that beg to climb the highest of mountains, hands that are always extended to others, eyes that see through the bad, and a heart which is poured out in these pages.

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