Here I am,

watching my tears mixed up

with the ocean water.

I could barely see.

I couldn’t feel anything.

This scenario is far different

from how it started.

I could still recall how we both agreed

to build a ship and call it “relation-ship”.

Like in the beginning of titanic,

we, as its creator promised

that ‘nothing’ even the strongest storms

can make it sink.

We were happy

when we first pulled its sail.

We let the air show the direction.

And the water takes us wherever it wants.

We’ve been enjoying every moment together.

The humming of the birds

relaxed us and keep us away

from the noise of those people who are against us.

The exchange of I love you’s

became the best music to our ears.

We’ve drawn so many dreams

under the shelter of the stars.

Aspiring that this moment would

last forever.

This journey with you…

is a dream come true.

Those days spend with you

are the best days in my life.

I was very happy and contented.

But like other stories,

we’ve finally reach the climax.

A heavy storm came along our way.

Strong waves  shook our ship,

The thunders aims to scare us

But that doesn’t make me shriek at all

for I was so confident that you’ll be there

by my side to help me out.

But I was wrong.

My heart was shattered

when I saw you swimming away from our ship.

The roar of the truth is deafening.

And I found myself frozen

while watching you happy with her.

The glint of your eye

led me to utter darkness.

With that moment, the calmness within me is gone.

Thence my world began to tremble.

and the ship where I am started to sink.

I could feel the water

taking my body to its depth.

But instead of saving myself,

I decided to open my arms

and let it pull me.

Hoping that it could wash out the

woe I’m feeling.

Cause one time in my life,

somebody told me

that ocean water can heal any wound.

So in this part of my life, I was hoping…

that this ocean water can heal

the wound you caused my heart.

And here I am baby,

In the exact sea,

where the ship named “relationship” started.

And the exact place where it also ended.

I was drowned with woe and lost on its depth.