The Night Wanderers

We were wanderers by day and lovers by night. Searching for somewhere to feel like we belong.

As night falls, we gazed into each other’s souls under the glittering night sky. A crescent moon hung above us as we inched towards each other. The warmth of another’s skin was enough to ignite our bitter hearts.

Our hands wandered around our body as our grips got tighter. We were so close that we could feel each other’s hearts beating rapidly.

At that moment, we felt like we belong. In this mess of a world, we became one. The endorphins in a hug made us feel like home. The home that we never had.

Despite the comfort we found, we still felt the jitters. We knew the moment we release from each other, the mess from the world will revert. The mess that made us so confused. The mess that attracted us to each other.



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