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“I can’t see things clearly,” he said

“Have to wear these things with no end”

“Without my lens, the world’s unclear”

“Despite that, I’m still full of cheer”

With a smile, she listened to his words

Unlike him, she didn’t need any device

She could see everything clearly

But even if her gaze was just as fuzzy as his

She can still see

How wonderful he is

His face

His grace

His smile

His dimples

His mannerisms

They were all crystal clear to her

“I have to wear them all the time”

“From morning up until nighttime”

“Surgery? Can’t afford that yet”

“My blurry eyes don’t make me fret”

She nodded, her chin resting on both palms

Watching his soft lips move as he talked

Eyeing the slight curve of his jaw

How his hair flowed

How his fingers danced as he explained things

How his pearly teeth shone

Yes, she didn’t need anything else to see

How magnificent he was

But as for him

Just like what he said:

“Everything is just so foggy.”

Oh, he’ll never see indeed…

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Ryo Vasquez
Ryo Vasquez

looks like a one sided love…

Adrian Costales
Adrian Costales

This poem, really shows a person that is secretly inlove with the other one. The other one secretly appreciates the person who wears the eyeglasses, but like his eyes, he can’t seem to see the girl who appreciates his worth

Rohm Mendoza
Rohm Mendoza

I’m so emotional after reading this magnificent poem. ?