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A Mother’s Body

"I love you as much as Chandler loves Monica and Joey loves food. You are ENOUGH in the way you are," said Charles and proceeded to kiss her.

30 years old Michelle was at home, feeding her infant when her hubby Charles returned from office. In a bid to make her happy, he had bought cheesecakes.

Seeing cheesecakes Michelle burst into tears. Was it tears of joy? But why didn’t it look like tears of joy? Charles was confused and dumbstruck.

“You do not want me to get better, do you?” Michelle complained, putting the baby in the cot.

“Are you unwell?” Charles quipped, his eyes unable to hide his astonishment. He had no clue that she wasn’t well. He scolded himself.

“Have you seen the post-baby body of the fashion bloggers? They look great. And look at me – It has been 3 months since I had delivered yet I have this mommy pouch!” Michelle explained, walking to the mirror to check her reflection. Charles stopped her midway and pulled her into his embrace and continued, “you are ENOUGH. There’s nothing wrong in having a tiny mommy pouch – no need to push yourself to the verge of breaking down to get that post-baby body. This is ‘your’ post-baby body and I love it. You should love it too. I wish I could show you how beautiful you look.”

“So you wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t look hot enough?” Asked Michelle, milking the situation.

“You’re Michelle! Okay? And iIam in love with Michelle. So you can balloon up or shrink down and i will still love you,” replied Charles.

Michelle laughed at once, “for once be original  Charles! You really had to bring in Chandler even in this!”

“I love you as much as Chandler loves Monica and Joey loves food. You are ENOUGH in the way you are,” said Charles and proceeded to kiss her.


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Bidisa Sarkar
i am an insanely positive person; i love to keep myself occupied and i love dressing up. i am very talkative and i believe talking is very very therapeutic. A true-blue Virgoan. I relate very well with Monica’s obsession (with cleanliness) and Phoebe’s optimism. Yes two very different but i believe i am Phoebesque Monica. i love books; reading and penning down are two of my several hobbies. And here you get a sneak peeks into my life through my writings- both fiction and non fiction are based on or inspired from my own or people i love or people i have met recently. Being a writer, doctor and a social butterfly, i meet a lot of people. And i believe in, “everything you do or say may be used in my story!” last but not the least, i believe in magic…..but, for magic to work, one needs work as well ? Check me out at Mirakee ( and Instagram (
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