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Finding Perspective That Matters to Us

Developing the ability to be able to stand up and express a Perspective that is contrary to the prevailing "Supposed to be;" is one of the major values in all of this.

Finding perspective that matters to us

Victim is a tricky word. It has implications. Just because something happens, doesn’t make us a victim necessarily. Victim is a mindset. Yes, technically, if something happens to us not of our choosing we might be a victim, but then, one could say, we are all victims of life in one form of another. Victims of hunger for instance.

Victim is usually associated with pity, sympathy, compassion and so on. I know people that experienced the most horrendous happenings in their lives, and because they did not have a victim mentality, they transformed that unpleasantness into Positivity. Some of them now say it’s the best thing that ever happened to them, unpleasant or horrendous though it was at the time.

In some cases their lives were actually saved by the horrid happening. Just as the lives of perpetrators were ruined. The issue is how we deal with what happens, now what has happened. Life happens. How we deal with what happens is the issue. Mostly “victims” leverage the events into trauma, and use that trauma for sympathy and pity, they use it to make themselves “special,” turning what was unpleasant into an ongoing perpetuation. And thus they become victims of themselves, of their ego and self-importance.

We have to look carefully at these kinds of happenings. Look with discernment, look deeper, look without expectations, look without conformity to the usual, to convention, look with total Honesty and Integrity. And yes, it sucks, at the time, but, I know of many whose lives were transformed for the better, who, if they have to do it all over, would choose to endure that suck again to get to that place of personal evolution they have come to. It’s a matter of Awareness and Perspective. When we zoom out, and look at these matters from a Universal long-term Perspective, it all changes.

Developing the ability to be able to stand up and express a Perspective that is contrary to the prevailing “Supposed to be;” is one of the major values in all of this. Because in that contrariness, that is how our thinking and beliefs evolve. Just think of those that stood up and spoke out against all the false and ridiculous beliefs that were commonplace in the past.

When we really really look closely at what happened, and look at it from the perspective that it HAS TO Make Sense in some way or another, then we find it actually *Does* Make Sense, because we find that Sense, sense for us personally. There is a greater logic at play in our personal circumstances and happenings. And that Logic, that Perspective, from which our lives, our life circumstances, and what we come into contact with, in all the ways that impact our Awareness, that logic of how all of it in some way to us personally Makes Sense, is: the Development and Enhancement of our Personal Awareness. And thus of our Personal Evolution.

Sometimes we can become stuck in a dead-end of Being. From an Overview Perspective, this is unacceptable. Being in a perpetual loop of stagnated-being is no good at all. Sometimes it needs something drastic to break us out of that living death. When we look at our Personal lives, and our personal circumstances, and how they affected us personally, and keep it personal, and not assume that the same applies to everyone, then much is made clear, then we see how it is all magically and intimately personally incredible in how it is all just right for us.

We can choose how we wish to learn, the hard way, or the Joyful way. It’s all in the Perspective. Insisting that it all Does Make Sense, in some way, even though we can’t see all of the Sense yet, that insistence, that Unrelenting Positivity, that makes all the difference. It re-frames how we see life, and thus how we Live life. We can CHOOSE. Choose to be victims of life or choose to be incredibly blessed. Our choice, and ours alone. And… when we look this closely, this deeply at our lives, we even come to the perspective that just maybe WE are the ones that chose it all to be the way it is, chose the circumstances of or lives for the lessons they contain, lessons just for us. It is a most radical notion, but, it seems, there is a part of us that knows, and a part that needs to know, and life is about bringing them together.

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the ugly writers

Syl Sabastian

Syl Sabastian

"I admit to being an unusual person." - SS

From a comment on his profile pic, since writing one's own bio is so difficult:

“Beautiful and astounding. Kind of resembles an amazing character I know. Some call him the Weaver of the Unraveled, the Rekindler of Doused Fires, the Sandman of Endless Beaches, the Friend to the Friendless, the Harmonizer of Unsung Heros. And some even call him Syl.” - Na'Cher

From age 10, on the day he literally exploded a light-bulb, Syl Sabastian’s acute life-long love affair with Understanding began. Since then his focus on, and love of Awareness, or more accurately his struggle with non-awareness, has never let-up.

An intense reader in his youth, Syl absorbed over a book a day, including the classics read in chronological order, culminating in extensive science-fiction/fantasy/speculative reading. After transitioning to Applying and Living his philosophies, Appropriately, with Attunement the ever-present motivation and catalyst, it all morphed in time to an earnest propensity to write and communicate.

Syl and His Heart have owned restaurants, stores, online businesses, and travelled the world, while implementing and enjoying their life-perspectives of which he writes so deeply. As Biella is so fond of saying, "and there's More..."

"My life began, from earliest memory, with a peculiar precocious understanding of abstract concepts, a mystery which remains unexplained to any satisfaction. I feel I am traversing a circle back to my origin, except perhaps, now more aware of what I already knew." -  From: The Young Man's Story

Syl is a great interview and an even better friend.

A Philosopher-Writer focusing on the Application of a comprehensive Practical-Personal-Philosophy. Creator of: The Philosophy of Appropriateness and: An A+ Philosophy. Writings range considerably, from extensive psychological perspectives to fiction. All connecting in one way or another to a unique vision. A consistent coherency permeates Syl Sabastian's extensive variety.

“Syl Sabastian is a Contemporary Philosopher and Writer, who exercises a glorious intellectual mind that is most admirable for its profundity and sharpness. Often offering multiple sides of an argument, he provokes self-introspection. His aim is to uncover Appropriateness, Awareness, Attention, Application, Attunement, and more, with a unique, high-level understanding of the profound intricacies that interlace these concepts.” - TJT & PDJ, Owners of the Gateway Gazette, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Moms.

"My blog is my best bio." -SS  :) <3

“You fascinate me, you really do. I think of myself as a big deep thinker... your writing, at least what I think I understand it to be about, sounds like the basis for either a belief-system or a wonderful self-help process. Am I anywhere near the mark? I think your writing, even about yourself, is amazing by the way. Quite poetic.” - Andrew Reeves, Author, Screenwriter, Poet, Creator of The Empty World, The Voodoo Doll, Claire, The Dictionary of Stupid, and more.

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