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Phantasm of Reality

For him, it was like a gateway to the other dimension, the dimension of time. He’s been dreaming the same dream over and over again since he was a teenager.

It was past twelve midnight of Monday; a cyclic process seems to happen in Tyrone’s life. The streets were empty and a cold breeze of wet wind can be felt.

 As the droplets of water fell harmoniously on Tyrone’s roof, the same dream continuously bothered him. It was a tragic scene, in which a countryside was being annihilated by a cataclysmic tornado. And he was seeing all of it.

            It was like a phantasm of reality, and the only way to escape this illusion is to go against it. But he couldn’t find something that would clear the way out. He was just standing there, in the midst of the havoc.

            At a flick of the moment, he woke up panting. The dream felt surreal. Droplets of sweat were visible from his temple down to his cheeks.

            He grabbed hold of his journal and, for a hundredth time, he sketched the tragic scenery. He was a scientist by profession and an artist by passion. For years, he has been studying about the mystery of his dreams. Some study says, that dreams are part of our forgotten memories. Others, link these dreams to the future. But for Tyrone’s case, it was none of the two.

            For him, it was like a gateway to the other dimension, the dimension of time. He’s been dreaming the same dream over and over again since he was a teenager. After a decade and three, he succesfully traced the location of the same scenery he’s been dreaming. The tornado took place in the city of Masantol, Philippines on the year 1968, 13th of June. It was twenty years before he was born and yet, those dreams he had, made him feel that he was there.

            Being an Artificial Intelligence Scientist, he was already used in giving meanings to the dreams or any other variable that could be linked to a person’s emotion. And that could help in the evolution of AI Technology. Once, he thought that his dream about the cataclysmic tornado was a representation of his chaotic thoughts and feelings. He input this as the deep learning of the AI robot he’s been working. However, he learned that the scenery was real. And that made the deep learning process fail.

            With a humdrum tiktok of the clock, Tyrone noticed that it’s only 13 minutes away from 2 AM. He stood up and wore his lab gown. For him, wearing his laboratory gown puts a great responsibility on his shoulders. Responsibility of solving the mysteries of the human mind and of the world.

He went downstairs and opened the door to his workplace. It was messy as expected, but for Tyrone’s topsy-turvy mind, it was perfect.

He brought out his journal and compared his current drawing to the previous ones. Carefully, he scanned every stroke that he had made.

Suddenly, a triumphant smile formed on his lips. It looks like he has solved one of the greatest mysteries the world could ever have. 

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Eirene Alvaira
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  1. This story made me wonder about the difference in choosing on what you thought before is the truth behind your profession and principle and the things against it but that is the truth that you just recently discovered. If this story happend to me for sure my brain would be in turmoil right now. i commend the writer for making the readers think outside the box. The story is wonderful, and the imagination of the author is awesome, such an awesome artwork particularly in the part where he compared his passion of being an artist by heart and a scientist by profession, I felt that.

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