My Emotional Nazi

My Emotional Nazi

My Emotional Nazi

Tightening the noose around my neck

Then suddenly releasing it when I’m out of breath

Showering me with thoughts of love one day

Only to totally ignore me the next

Pushing me in the middle of a vortex

Then extending your hand just in time to pull me out

Holding my heart right in the very palm of your hand

Knowing that every beat of it you command

Relentlessly subjecting me into this roller coaster of emotions

Playing God with me

Do you only see me as a useless puppet

That you can toy with and cast aside?

I’m tired, tired, tired of being an emotional punching bag

Can’t take any more beating of this kind

This heart which holds so much love for you

Is about to give out

So before you punch any more holes in it

Just man up and give it back

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Eloisa Mae Fundar

There are a lot of things that make us physically, mentally and emotionally tired. We can reflect all of those things that make us tired maybe at the end of the day. However, even if you are so tired and you feel so empty like you feel there is no hope; always remember that there is another day that will give another chance, besides, we’re the first person to make ourselves better — physically, mentally and EMOTIONALLY and we must work with that well.

Shareyld de Guia

Love is all about emotions. It gives us pain and other unfamiliar feels. Don’t make yourself gullible only for him to love you as how you love him. Learn to escape that kind of unhealthy relationship because you’ll learn nothing and you just make your worth vanish. Learn to let go because not all people who let go doesn’t mean you’re coward. It just means that you are mature to let go of things that you don’t deserve. Move on and don’t make your self an emotional punching bag, you deserve to be loved and respected.

Geofrey Lozano

Emotional Nazi also had feelings to be felt by us, they are also humans who lives in this society with us. they are known as dictators or a puppet who gives command and dictates what to do in a government or country. they also need love and to be loves, they don’t want that kind of situation always. they’re pleading for love and help also. but they can dictate what emotion will they feel, it goes naturally and subjectively.

Rupert John G. De Guzman

We do all things for love and we experience different things and emotions because of it. The most hurtful thing that we can experience is being emotionally hurt because it takes time to heal such wounds and scars in our heart. Don’t lose your self and hurt your heart for a playful/jerk person, learn to love yourself first before others.

Justine Catalan

there are things which made us tired even though we are not moving, these factors results to unending whims and rants that may be heard by Him or not. We usually doubt in Him but that doesn’t he was not with us, He is there and the only thing to feel Him is commit to Him.

Mary Rose Salut

Love is powerful indeed. Anyone can do everything and offer everything just for the sake of showing their love to someone. Time will come where we can no longer recognize ourselves because of love. We offer everything that we have until nothing is left for us. However, there will be a time where despite of all our deeds and all our efforts, things will go wrong and far from our expectations. Instead of the love and appreciation that we supposed to feel, it is hatred and pain. Learning how to let go is the only solution for us to be… Read more »

Yrica Camelon

Sometimes, we may feel tired of doing the things that we need to do or we are tired to nothing. If we may feel tired, learn to unwind and think positivity so that we may regain our emotional strength and continue to move forward. Aside from this, we should keep ourselves in touch to the people who always motivating us and helping us in any ways. And we should always keep in our mind that there are many people who are always supporting us and always believe in us that no matter what happen, we should keep moving forward even… Read more »

Danna Ganibo

There are times that we feel tired, hopeless and being forgotten, sometimes we doubt Him because of the unending problems that we’ve been experiencing. Despite of those things He never leave us. He is always there to comfort, love, protect and guide us. No matter what happen just believe in Him and He will be your guide through your ups and downs.

Jhoe Marie Balintag

There you are, hiding behind your words. These unspoken things that we keep on brewing will eventually get serve on our laps and it will be HOT because there will be no cups or whatsoever holding it. But if things go wrong, you’ll have nothing to turn into but your wisdom and beliefs. invest in those above anything else. Because you are in a battle, always have been ever since you set foot on this planet. So fight and struggle like you really want to live. In time you’ll see, in time you’ll know, in time you’ll make sense of… Read more »

Shareyld de Guia

Life is all about challenges and different emotions. We encounter struggles and pain every single day but it makes us strong and bold. We may be hurt and tired but learn to rest and not to quit. Learn to stand again after you fall and be brave to fight again and trust in Him.

Ryan Dave Biron

The author is tired of his feeling about love and It cannot be avoided especially if our beloved someone does not show the true love. He/she experiencing emotional feelings and It can be harm in our body or mind It cause us to undoing things. So we must stay away and avoid things that give us a burden. Everything we do in our life is a touchstone and we can always solve the struggles but always imagine that this would strengthen ourselves. In case that the thing is not right we must put first the sake of yourself and especially… Read more »

Jamaica Bonifacio

We are not a toy to play with. We are humans that can feel pain. Pain that can make us tired mentally, emotionally and phisically. Pain that make us feel empty. But learn also on how to endure this pain. Learn on how to escape from this. Let go all the things that makes you feel burdened. There are people that are willing to help you. Time will come, you never knew, you will he healed.

Nicolaye Buga-ay

Love is the most powerful weapon that we had. It feels so good in many times and worst sometimes. We can do everything for our love ones but that doesn’t mean you shall let yourself poor with your own love. We may feel empty and tired emotionally and physically. Let go if needed and let God be your way to your true love and happy life.

Monica Ariniego

Love is the greatest gift that an individual can give to other people. We can easily give love but we must also be careful of the consequences of it. We tend to do things that will hurt ourselves because of love, we get depressed and becuase of it we can’t control the things that our mind tells us to do. Because we are emotionally, physically and mentally tired we think of ending up our own life which is not definitely the solution. Although we’ve been hurt so many times, we must think that it is also a sign of love.… Read more »

Kim Jaira Dagan

Now may not be the right time for us, but I must be thankful because I have you, who inspired me to keep going and to be the best version of myself. I wouldn’t have made it this far if it hadn’t been for you.

Leilanie Vergara

The author of the article seems to feel unloved and emotionally tired. We people often to feel neglected thats why we usually feel that we are already tired from the pain. That it is as if we are controlled by someone and making us like a puppet that has no real emotions. But the truth is, we are just being tested. Our strength and ability to move on is being tested and we need to stand up and have a life again. The emptiness, loneliness and the tiredness we feel will only make us weaker and we need to fight… Read more »

Mariah Ashley Shane Gruta

At the end of the day when no one is watching us, we’re going to sum up all the things that happened to us. And by that we’ll realized how tired we are. We are tired emotionally, physically or even mentally. We are tired of giving so much to the person who don’t really see our value. We are tired of giving our all, not receiving anything in return. We should let others treat us like their, we must not allow them to do it to us. I think we should learn to love ourself first before others.

Lexzadel Rayo

Self love is one of the purest kind of love. We must love ourself first in order for us to learn to love other people. Love may brought pain in our lives, it may be emotionally or physically and those pain will teach us a lesson that will surely help us to become a better person. But we should always trust His process, because those things will make us braver.

Rayo, Lexzadel

Jacklyn Joyce M. Mapalo

Emotion is so powerful, sometimes you can contol it but if it is too much you need to do is to release it for you to have a peaceful mind, there’s always an individual who can trigger our emotional painful at first but if you let it go all the pain will fades, it’s like holding to too tight on a chain, if you keep on holdin the more painful it is that to let the chain out, just always know your worth and God always have a better plan for you

Maria Kiela Vince E. Nocito

Love give us strength and it make us happy. But love also gives you pain emotionally and physically. But when you feel your life is about to go down, always remember to talk to God in happiness and up to the point where you feel your life is getting useless. Remember to Love yourself because that’s what God made you and He has plans for you.

Nicole Arubang

We define love in different ways and we love in many ways but when it comes to love, there is a big difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. This is the reason why most of the time we get hurt because we are blinded by hope and infatuation. Though life is nothing without love we should take note that experiencing pain is an evidence that you live.

Ashly Gomez

As a person we experience things that really makes us happy but in the end we will having a second thoughts about it, that in every commitments we’ve been done there’s a exchange of it. We all know that love is make us blind , we all do things that our love ones wants even though we dont want it , and we still do it even we are hurting because we believe that it would make our partner/love happy. But one day we will realize those things that we’ve made and think that it is not worth your effort… Read more »

Joana Recato

If we get tired in life especially in aspect of love we need to rest for a while but never thought of quitting then reflect after that we will know what our value as an individual is. As what they always say don’t lose ourself in love

Paul lignes

Giving up does not mean you do not love the person, giving up means taking your life back from the person whom you loved so much you sacrificed everything in return of her happiness. Love is when you do things that you do not expected you can do but you did it anyways. Love is giving everything you’ve got to that person and doing it unconditionally. But by the time they are gone, you try to fix yourself on your own finding your way back to were you started and fighting alone again but this time you are not yourself… Read more »

Marian Lourd Asinas

It is not bad to feel the pain and be emotional about it, what is bad, is that you let that thing to cause you pain. Do not tell him to man up and give your heart back ,instead talk to yourself and command to take care of your own heart. There are a lot of people who loves us but still, we don’t feel being loved because we focused more on the person that we loved who do not feel the same way as we did. Let’s try to open our eyes and mind to see that there are… Read more »

Marian Lourd Asinas

Nice poem❤ It is not bad to feel the pain and be emotional about it, what is bad, is that you let that thing to cause you pain. Do not tell him to man up and give your heart back ,instead talk to yourself and command to take care of your own heart. There are a lot of people who loves us but still, we don’t feel being loved because we focused more on the person that we loved who do not feel the same way as we did. Let’s try to open our eyes and mind to see that… Read more »

Bea Marie Palentinos

Love is an undeniable feeling a person can experience. Loves defines you as a person. Love will make you happy but it also make you sad and hurt. Sometimes it may feel empty and tired emotionally and physically. You have to keep yourself motivated. Take the experience of failure as your inspiration for success.

Rei-Anne Rea

Love is a strong emotion that a person feels. When we are inlove, we feel happiness at the same time sadness or a roller coaster emotions. However, all humans can be tired. A person who is inlove may feel physically, mentally and emotionally tired. If you are tired, just take a break and enjoy life.

Shiela Mae Camagan

There are certain emotions we cannot avoid to feel such as pain and happiness. And when we love, we sometimes tend to feel the tiredness of loving someone who keeps on hurting us. We feel tired of the pain mentally, emotionally, and physically.Before we could be eaten by this feeling, we should learn first on loving ourselves. Know your worth and test your patience. Learn to accept things that is meant for us. Heal those scars and learn what is the love we truly deserve. And always remember that we have Him, as our guide and as the one who… Read more »

Yla Dimacali

Love is not actual love, sometimes love can be faked, manipulated, broken and emotionally draining. You truly learn that hurting is really a part of life, you can’t hide from it you need to accept it even if you don’t want it. That’s why it’s so important to choose a partner that feels completely safe and trust worthy.

Mikaella Telan

Emotions might be harmful when they are excessive. Loving too much can be problematic especially when it was one sided. It just struck me as strangely sad that she was referring to a man that had never loved. Just another sad ending that is common when someone gives up on love before the relationship even start, and when that happens usually one person is only going to get hurt in the process

Vanessa Bernal

Awwww, it seems like the writer is truly hurt with the man that she loves. She loves it so much, that he let him do things that is out of love. Love is one of the powerful things in this world, it can make your life be better or sometimes, worse, it only depends on how are we going to let them see our worth. Yes, we love someone but it doesn’t mean that you will let them do something that you don’t deserve. Your parents treated you like a princess, don’t let any man degrade and even, take off… Read more »

Slade Joseph Torreja

This poem was really great!

Marco Limson

There is a saying that “love is blind”. When someone is in love, he/she is willing to do everything for his/her special someone. But that willingness also have limitations. When that person feels that this is not right anymore. It will stop and will think if he/she will continue to follow his/her heart or will do what is right. Others say that when you love someone you are willing to sacrifice everything for this person. Yes, Jesus did that. Because we are worth it. We have to know the person’s worth before you sacrifice everything for him/her.

Sharmaine Balderama

Many people use the expression “I’m tired” when they’ve had done enough for a day or when they’ve done everything for someone and it feels like you’re nothing to them. When you’ve got mental health problems, sometimes “I’m tired” can also simply mean you’re lacking sleep, but often it means so much more that you can’t even say what is going on in your mind. So, when you love someone, you tell them, you don’t wait for them to ask you. Don’t wait to till this happen, ”I love you, but I’m so tired of loving you”.

Vanessa Tantan

People often talk about love, but most of us are not fully aware about its true essence. There is lot of misconception about efficacy of love that holds us back to generate loving feelings towards others. . The perception of love as being devoid of any problem, trouble and pain is thus misconception. People feel more and more pain as they are not able to live in love in relationship with other people. Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. At the same time the love has the both advantages and disadvantages. But at the same time the… Read more »

Abigail Jallores

They say that if you love, expect that you will be hurt someday for it is part of it. We sacrificed things, prioritize and will do everything we can in the name of love. But one thing is for certain, love isnt there to make us blind and destroy ourselves, if we cant feel the love anymore we should learn to respect ourself. Know our limits, we deserve better.

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