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In awe of ethereal subliminal majesty

Embodying the whispering dreams,

Shades of autumn and musk roses in her poetry.

Guardian of the hidden art

Hiding words like a treasure trove

Buried deep

Quintessential dreamer

after what you seek

A hermit, an aspiring seasoned mystic

In the middle of all chaos, humdrum and disparity

Yet slowly learning

The secret art

Of turning


Into who I have always wanted to be.

Into magic

Into poetry


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call me home  man who can't be named  

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Maryam H. Viqar

A seeker, dreamer, scribbler, reader, writing poetry about grief, loss, rain, autumn, nocturnal silence, hope and sometimes love...and yes 'the sight of the stars makes me dream' too....

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Eloisa Mae Fundar

We learn at our own ways and the speed of learning, either slow or fast doesn’t matter. Besides, we have our ways of learning and the end of the day what you learned matters. Sometimes, lessons will give you pain first and whats good with that is that pain has a purpose– to make you better. Do not be discouraged if you feel that you learn so slow, popcorns do not at the same time.

Shareyld de Guia

Life is an art, a magical masterpiece of a Divine and each of us has a unique attribute that can transform us to a very beautiful and deep piece. Make your life open to all because you deserve to be applauded and recognized. You deserve to be accepted of what and who you are by knowing and living your life into a wonderful literature of positivity amidst the loud and vast words overflowing on your mind.

Rupert John G. De Guzman

Creating Art and Writing Fiction Novels are one of the perfect places where we can transform our own self into our ideal self. This is the platforms that everyone must engage to escape in reality and to escape in this unfair and dangerous world that we have.

Justine Catalan

from my past self, i’d likely to be described as Art in the wall waiting to be called Beautiful, but i have change into a lady who’s persona is made out of her confidence and self-independece. Every woman is a definition of the word “Beautiful” so don’t let your own light disappear, be brave and be true.

Jhoe Marie Balintag
Jhoe Marie Balintag

From this day forward, there will be a LOT of moments where in you’ll ask urself if you’re making the right choice. All you have to if these moments come again-which they will, is that you have to remember that YOU’RE WAY PAST TURNING BACK NOW. so endure love, you’ll make it like you always do. Have the courage to be you. You’re not here to be liked. If you are living to be liked, you are suffering; it is painful to live a life in which the best you can hope to achieve is to be liked.

Yrica Camelon

Every person has it’s own ways on how to adapt or learn one thing. Some of us are fast leaners, while the others are not. However, these are not important when you’re wanting to learn or achieve something. The more important is you are slowly leaning every detail and concept of it perfectly. Life is not a race when it comes to learning new things. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to other persons who wouldn’t commit mistakes and learning fast. If we commit mistakes, it is okay because it is part of our learning. We are different in terms of learning… Read more »

Nicolaye Buga-ay

Everything that we do is an example of art. It is our own masterpiece. We have different ways of absorbing things that we learn and it is not like contest. Everyone of us deserved to be respect and accept by our environment even if we are not that perfect. Being real on yourself will make you beautiful inside and out and that is the most important in living our lives.

Jamaica Bonifacio

Differences among us is never been an excuse to stop us from doing what we want. Its never been an excuse to stop dreaming. We are different from each other. We have different ways of how we adapt, on how we grow and on how we learn. Our life is a race of our own finish lines. Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, make yourself feel the courage to fight your wants, to fight on who you really are.

Monica Ariniego
Monica Ariniego

Art is another way of expressing one’s thought, ideas and imaginations. It is also a way of putting ourself in another world, art may be in a form of writing poems, novels it can also be singing, dancing, acting or anything that turns a person into another world and experiencing satisfaction of doing it. It is a good practice if we have time to do art and experience the offers of it, it may not be everyday but at least we have time of doing our passion and showing our talent to everyone.

Jacklyn Joyce M. Mapalo

Being introvert is not that bad, but showing the world and mingled with others can also improve who you are now, yes you are a beautiful creation of God that’s our nature but others created by God for them to help you grow and make that beautiful art into wonderful art of all times the recipe for the secret art of yours is others which is the love within them.

Ashly Gomez

One day in our life we will realize the truth about our self, and the real things that we really like. Maybe now we still wondering the things that we cannot get right now or the kind of life we want to but someday we will be bloom like a flower, just like a flower we will bloom slowly but as we see the final result of it we will love it, and it is worth the wait.

Geordana Marie R. Moreno
Geordana Marie R. Moreno

Some of us still use the saying “trust the process” because its always been accurate. All of us are going through our different phases, you cannot compare yours to anyone, all you need is a little patience to wait for its outcome. Give yourself a time to grow and a room for improvement, take it step by step and youll see yourself blooming at the right time.

Mary Rose Salut

The works of someone is a mirror and a reflection of who he/she is. Maybe it is only simple and has mistakes like the author who is in the process of learning the craft and learning things in life. It is a product of the imagination of the author that maybe influence of his/hrer dreams by using his/her ownself as the character on his/her works. It is sometimes deep that you need time to understand and know what does it means or what it is for. Howeve, everyone of us is unique so we do not need to compare our… Read more »

Micca Ella Tuiza

We are the artist and the masterpiece of ourselves, we should not compare ones art to another because we have different identity. We are the master of our fate, your future depend on your hands not on the judgement of others. There are people called late bloomer, being slow in achieving your dreams do not mean being left behind. We have different timing in life, take your time, enjoy every bit of it. What matter is you are getting the learnings and experiences that life wanted to impart in you and understand. The most essential thing in this world is… Read more »

Bea Marie Palentinos

Art is one way to show who we are. Our art defines who we are, it reflect on our personalities and identity. We are the masterpiece of our own painting. We are unique to each other. Don’t compare yourself to other because we are all different and we have our own ways on how to adapt or learn one thing.

Ryan Dave Biron

We all have hidden art but others have not been able to find it and others are being ignored of their masterpiece. Others are looking for their art in the midst of sadness, disturbance and diversity. Do not fast ourselves because it is better to find ourself and understand our true character. Not everythings gets quickly we need to know and go through ad try ourselves to get our value.

Rei-Anne Rea

Art isn’t all about the abstractions, lines and the design that came out from it. Art reflects the soul of an individual reflecting its feelings to a relating masterpiece. It doesn’t only matter on how the art came out but the story in creating it that comes up with true emotion and passion in the process of calling it an art that may be seen in the naked eyes of all people. We are unique in our own portrayed art so don’t listen to the negative thoughts being thrown at you.

Adrian Tabios

We are created distinctly from one another and I strongly believe that those differences are in purpose. Ourselves are the one going to decide in the future, some take it slowly and some take it fastly. Who are we to judge right?

What important is you know yourself and know your disposition in life. Just focus on your goal take your time and just enjoy the every moment of it. Live as if it is your last.

Mikaella Telan

If you constantly transform yourself, you will live many epic lives in one body. It’s almost as if you will be reborn and keep creating better versions of yourself.

Most people will never experience such transformations in their lives. They will stay in the reactive mode and let life happen to them. They will stay the same all their life.

But you can change because change is good when it’s intentionally used to improve yourself.

Jireh Escobia

Really cool. I love this poem. The beauty of self-love and self-discovery. Life is such a poem. It could give you different emotions and different lessons. Developing inner self is what I find the most important. It’s about realizing the beauty in chaos and the depth in little things. Every person is a different poem. We have different stories.

Marco Limson

We are all painters in our very own way. We draw situations in our mind that will surely satisfy our feelings and with that, we become inspired and motivated to make that drawings colorful in our real life. We draw our dreams and keep thinking on how are we going to give life to that drawing. We have to have a dream, to be able to act and make that dream come true.

yayan roxas

In achieving our dreams, there’s no such race that it you got it first then you won it. It all takes time and whatever time it is, it is God’s perfect time. Slow or fast, what matters are the learning you gain from it. It’s nor really a race wherein you gotta hit the finish line because there’s no actually line to finish because life is a continuous cycle.

Vanessa Tantan

For me my life is an art or like a masterpiece made by our God. Art may be a way to explore your world or your imagination. Art may inspire a beginning painter to take steps into learning a new medium, or an accomplished artist to experiment with a new technique. Art is teaching, art is learning. Art can be exciting, empowering, and an expression of love.