Weapon of Choice

When an animal is cornered, it will often refer to it’s primal instincts, and lash out physically.  This is not a rare occurrence when we look at humanity, but violence is not the tactic of choice for all of us.  Some will deny that they are in a corner, despite the evidence being all around them.  It’s difficult to get logical communication to stick with someone who is being illogical.

Communication is the cornerstone of expression, so what happens when someone removes all forms of communication as their weapon of choice in order to extract themselves from the corner that they deny even being in? Sometimes the frustration can be overbearing, but yelling louder isn’t gong to help.

Some people may give you the urge to shake them vigorously until they understand what you’re saying, but the reality is they may need to learn for themselves.  This can be difficult to watch if you have already been down that path, or have the foresight to see where it leads. Feeling powerless to watch someone you care about self-destruct is not easy, but sometimes it’s the only option you have.

If you are screaming Aramaic at someone who doesn’t comprehend the language, it doesn’t really matter how insightful you are.  You may know the meaning of life, but if you share your wisdom with an anglophone in the Chinese language, the meaning will be beyond lost, and it won’t be appreciated. Perhaps one day they will learn your Asian tongue and  that message may finally sink in.  This may also never happen.

If someone is unable to hear, they can still communicate.  If someone is unable to see, or speak, they can still communicate.  The only time people are not able to communicate is if they are afraid, or unwilling.  If this is the case there is no type of special assistance that can be applied.  Time can be torture just as time can be tactic.  Silence can be golden just as silence can be deafening.

In some cases, the loudest messages are expressed through the stillest of silences.  The absence of effort, the absence of compassion or concern.  The absence of all communication despite having the full ability to communicate on many levels.  Sometimes silence is broken with more silence, and other times silence can change fighters into ghosts.  When the night is young, and the silence is fresh, how do you know when you’re doing the right thing?  I guess you don’t.  I guess I don’t either.

Maybe I’ll just be quiet…