Ships that Never Come

Author’s Notes:
This piece is about the emotional and intellectual disconnection between a man and a woman in a relationship. The man sees himself a ship that the woman’s been waiting for all her life on the shore when in fact she sees him a ship that sailed long ago. They are both looking at the same scenery but they aren’t looking in the same direction. People don’t just drift apart, they simply shouldn’t have been together.


You look behind me
and see potential’s horizon.
But you don’t see
the ocean that divides us.
You look up to the sky
but I look under my feet.
You see clouds coming down
I see the ocean touching heaven.
You chase shadows
but you don’t know I cast them.
You pick up stones
I walk on them.
You go with the flow
a ship I watch from the shore.
You expect me to follow
that’s why I had to let go.
You live in the clouds
parsing stars with scars.
I see you like a farce
masquerading lies as stars.
We are worlds apart
parted by an ocean of thought.
When you arrive I leave
but when you leave I live.
You may be sure
about your ship.
But I am a shore
that’ll never let you anchor.
Some ships never come
because they were never welcome.
Yet many can’t tell
when they’re supposed to leave.

Catch more of Pasithea Chan with her previous posts here. You can also find her brand of poetry on Facebook.

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Pasithea Chan
Impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy.
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