Each one of us has a battle to fight every day. Why is it hard for us to be nice to others? Is it hard for us to be gentle and be considerate enough for other people’s feelings?

Every day, as I walk out from our door, I always remind myself to be a little nicer for that day. I believe that being nice ain’t an old fashion, instead it can be the reason why other people even strangers can smile because of your simple gestures. I always remind myself to be that person who are one of the reason why smiling and laughing seems easy.  I believe that small things is the start from making a big things or changes. I’m a simple girl but I want to make big changes for this world, and one of that is the reason why people around me are smiling.

In making people happy there’s no requirement needed, you just have to be yourself and that is amazingly beautiful yet simple. In this world full of negativity, I want to be that person who always stands out and be positive. Let’s spread kindness and positivity because everyone deserved to be happy.