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Human Traffic Light

There will be a time that you guys won’t see me working properly. I may run out of energy or get too old to work justly.

Human Traffic Light

Living a life with no purpose is like surviving a day for no reason and moving forward without a reason is basically absurd. Well, they say that in this world we live, knowing your purpose or reason will help you to keep going. This can drive your will to do things and can be your grounds whenever a circumstance comes in.

As I live my life, there are three things that I do always consider when I am about to make life decisions which are: the right time to go, when to slow down and appropriate phase to stop. These are things that I also want to be embodied by the people surrounding me. I can be everyone’s traffic light. They can find me not only on the roads but in times of having second thoughts. People can rely on me not only whey they need signs but also if they are lost in time. I can be their guide, their direction, and signal if out of communication.

The traffic light symbolizes me. I can hand over my support by giving accurate orders, proper flow of actions that can reduce society’s dilemmas. The purpose of this is to facilitate or lead people every time they need to make a move over something, which really helps them to minimize disorders. I may be a green traffic sign signal that tells people to now proceed in life, to continue what they are doing and provides the right direction to where they can go ahead. Also, I can be a warning or caution signal in yellow which serves as a reminder that we should slow down to prevent from making wrong actions. On the other hand, a red signal can be seen in me as well that notifies people when to stop because they’ve had enough and just wait again for the green light to turn up. Basically, that’s how it works.

Like the traffic lights on the road, we people also malfunction. There will be a time that you guys won’t see me working properly. I may run out of energy or get too old to work justly. I can also disappoint people whenever they need the other color but I chose to show up as the one they don’t need but is suitable for the right deed. And like the traffic lights, though sometimes the system glitches, still I will continue to help people find the right direction, advice them the perfect timing and prevent them from being harmed.

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Danica Aireen M. Camunggol
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